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Vision Quest build: Now w/ more Burning Pups!

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Go ahead and rate my build, been playing around with everything and I think I got pretty darn decent solo/group build.


BBV w/ Slam Dance = Great solo/group buff

Gargantuan w/ Big Stinker = Meat Shield with Poison AoE

Fetish Army w/ Devoted Following = Shortened DPS CD (Along with Tribal Rites)

Hex w/ Hedge Magic = Heals for both myself and Gargantuan (or group)

Wall of Zombies w/ Pile On = Huge Physical DPS CD with Knockback (Also allows me to keep Vision Quest up in order to save BBV for when I actually need it)

Zombie Charger w/ Explosive Beast = The spammable go to DPS with an included AoE fire explosion

For Passive Abilities:

Tribal Rites: Great Synergy with all 3 abilities.

Vision Quest: Allows me to spam Zombie Charger to my hearts content.

Fetish Sycophants: Since I'll be spamming ZC and have WoZ as another attack, helps to have more little minions running around doing/soaking some dmg.

If it's a Heavy Fire Resistant area, Switch to Zombie Bears for poison.

Also not sure whether Hex loses it's CC with Hedge. If so, I'm kinda left without CC... we'll see I guess.

Depending on the Proc rate, I may switch out FetSyc for something else.
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Something I've wondered... is if Fetish Ambush also works with FetSyc... because that'd be pretty awesome I think!
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90 Pandaren Shaman
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Hmm... that's interesting, might be something worth testing come Live.
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This build is far too squishy. What do you plan on doing when Garg dies? Even when the garg is up you'll be getting beat on since you only have 1 distraction. Keep in mind, if you use garg for vision quest, the cooldown won't be available when he dies.

It would be much better with Dogs instead of BBV and Jungle fort for a passive.

Also, fetish ambush won't work for a passive skill. It's a rune for a skill... it will only work when you cast the skill it's attached to. Runes don't work like passives.

This build will start having troubles in Hell imo.
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