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pet build

so this was the build i was thinking of using. summon a bunch of pets and sit in the back sniping with darts. I'm not sure how well it'll work cause if there are more bosses like the skele king, cleave would wreck them. However, the dmg reduction from poison, jungle fortitude, and the increased health for pets might just make this work. The only thing thats iffy is the acid cloud. I really don't know what skill to put there.
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Not bad. I like how you use Bad medicine with the rabid dogs rune and poison dart and acid cloud skills to aid the survivability of your army. I have a couple of observations/suggestions for you:

1) You don't really have a reliable way of dealing non poison damage. The gargantuan can, but you can't control what he attacks. Wall of corpses deals physical and you can target it as you please, but it has a cooldown. Basically, a boss or elite pack with poison resistance is going to pose a problem. Think about replacing something (I suggest wall of zombies) with a targetable, always castable spell that deals non-poison damage.

2) Acid Rain or Slow Burn might be better rune choices for Acid cloud in this build. The main purpose of the spell in your build is to debuff enemy damage output to help your army live. Given that fact, widening its area of effect to debuff more enemies, or increasing its duration to ensure that it continues to debuff enemies may be more beneficial than simply getting more damage out of it.

3)Not really sure if Fetish Army is worth it without the Tribal Rites passive. Even with Devoted Following runed, the spell has terrible cooldown for what it does. Then again, the fetishes do benefit from Jungle Fortitude and Zombie Handler, so there is some synergy there. It fits with your build, I just don't like the skill in general.

4) I sort of feel like any pet based build should have Big Bad Voodoo in it. Giving your whole army a temporary buff for tough battles would be great, and it has the same cooldown timer as Fetish Army, so if you keep that in, you could pop these together in those really dire battles, and they would be ready together as well. You only get that army of fetishes for 20 seconds, might as well make them fight their best for those 20 seconds. Just a thought.

5) Working again with your cool idea to use the Bad Medicine passive in conjunction with poison damage to help keep your army alive, you may want to run Poison Dart with Numbing Dart, Spined Dart or Snake to the Face (lol love that rune name). The reason? They seem to retain the DoT aspect of the skill, and the longer they are taking damage from poison, the longer their damage will remain debuffed.

Overall, I really like the concept of your build though. Seems fun! :)
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