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Error 3007 and 3006 Here.
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Multiple errors:


Basically impossible to join games or start a new game. Been the case for over an hour.
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Error 3004 when I attempt to start a new game or join a game. I'm a closed beta tester, and haven't been able to play in days because of various errors.
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They are testing the servers again, it was up for about 18 hours, early morning is optimal time seeing how most of us stay up all night and play since its "Open Beta Weekend" just bear with it, they will be back up again.
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You gonna extend this since it seems like over half of us can't get it to install since it's fubarred?
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this is gonna seem like a dumb question, but has blizzard stated whether or not players are gonna keep anything from the open beta or do we start fresh once release day hits?
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I'm not going to hate on this open beta experience because it was:

1. Free
2. A stress test
3. We were warned there would be errors

But based on an almost complete inability to even access the game I'd say Blizzard has a lot to take care of in the next few weeks.

That said, the few hours I actually got to play totally sold me. Pre-order submitted.
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i'm back in.
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I've been trying to download this thing for over 24 hours now. As I write this, I am at 7 percent downloaded. I just wanted to contribute to stress testing the servers. Perhaps in my own special way I already am.

Can't wait till May 14th Midnight release!
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This is just a guess for me, so I may be wrong. Those saying Blizzard is nowhere near where they need to be for handling the stress of release are assuming Blizzard has committed all available hardware to the beta. To make up numbers, let's say for this, they're only using 10 servers, to test how much they can handle, and right now they're down. This provides helpful statistics for them. Maybe for release, they plan on using 1000, so they'd handle many more people than this stress test has.
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Having just completed the quest line for all the classes, I can say blizzard that I am impressed and cant wait till the 15th! well done! :) hope the remainder of the stress test is helpful!
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error 3004
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For those of you getting Error 3004 and 3006 when either trying to log in or trying to start a game, just keep trying. It's a silly error and I don't really know it's cause, but if you spam trying to log in or start game it WILL eventually work. I get these errors on a normal basis but after a minute or so of spamming to enter, I always get in eventually.
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Awsome got til may 1 to max all my chars out to 13 as long as i gont keep getting booted
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I can play for about 10 minutes then the game crashes to like a pale screen...anyone else get this?? my graphics card driver is up to date.
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and I have to restart my computer when it happens.
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i am getting an error 3004 when i try to log into game on diablo 3
The only time i had difficulty in logging in was during the first day of the open beta.

afterwards there's no problem with connection...

there are cases where i got disconnected but it's not really frequent.. though one time was when leoric only has 1/10 of his life.. I was in a party then...when I got disconnected..

overall I liked the game.. though i wish that there are more side quest than this.. anyway it still beta so I guess that they included few side quests..

I'm from Philippines by the way.. fortunately no internet issues for me...
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I haven't had any problems logging in. Other than some occasional lag there hasn't been any major issues. Very smooth beta so far.
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Well they had better leave it OPEN BETA for more then this weekend, kinda sucks that I only got to play for about 30mins
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