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Either Adelaide is getting terrible connections to the beta, or its adam internet, either way most with a problem coincidently are from adelaide, SA, as are my friends.
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04/22/2012 10:46 PMPosted by Lildry
g on trying to get a ton more in.

youre the men!
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I had a hard time downloading the beta client.

I always got an error.. so be it
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Um... that's two goblin treausre guys in 10 minutes and no lag... problem solved lmao
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ive been trying to download this 4 over 12 hours and it just stops downloading ive tried 4 times
i think blizzard is bsing and just getting ppls hopes up.
now i see all these ppl having errors trying to join.

ive been playing d2 since it came out in 01 and ive seen it increasingly go down hill. every year there are more bots, more hacks, more spam and more diffiulty loading and playing the game and i wldnt be supprised if they let all this happen purposley in hopes to get ppl pissed off and buy d3 when it comes out. wldnt suprise me at all
The beta was only buggy on saturaday but has been fine for a long time now.
Most likely the problems are either due to your slow internet connection or your computer is unable to run some games.
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error 25001 game does not exsist.. thats cute bliz
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I cant use any of my Hardcore mode characters... but I can use the ones in normal mod... Damn... all my characters are 13 except DH and she just had to be on Hardcore.
ve been trying to download this 4 over 12 hours and it just stops downloading ive tried 4 times
i think blizzard is bsing and just getting ppls hopes up.
now i see all these ppl having errors trying to join.

QQ, I've been playing the open beta ever since the moment that it was available at 12:01.
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04/23/2012 04:07 AMPosted by Pornstár
error 25001 game does not exsist..

Yeah what's with that?
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Only issue I've been getting is unable to play as a Hardcore character, always times out.
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Normal play however, I got a character to 13 (the 9-13 stretch was done almost entirely with others because co-op play boosts your experience amount a lot), and another, a barbarian, to 7. Taking a break for now but will probably be back for the last hour.
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Thanks for letting me know I ll go back to soft... too bad I wanted to try that awesome sword I got for my wiz on my hc char last night.
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RestInPeace, that is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. I mean, you really think that Blizzard intentionally makes games crappier somehow as they get older so people want to buy the newer versions. That is how you get repeat business and build a name for yourself.
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pleas just 2 more hrs, i have 2 ppl left one at 12 one at 11
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It looks like they added a queue, but it's not letting you in anymore...
The one good thing is it is faster to be told its not working.
getting error # 24100 now when trying to create a game and # 25001 when trying to join a game.
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way to go blizzard thanks for D3 stress test nothing to says about the game except that the map where smaller then I expected but good result I ve already bought the game and cant wait to play again
Actually could not get in a game (solo or public) : waiting timer seems blocked to 1 second (but after a moment : timeout errors each time)

server stressed : my mission is a success ;-)
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Booo! :( Great game solo! But honestly co-op kicks !@#! So sad Blizz closed beta again. they should reward people who actually played through stress test with beta invites. /hint ;)
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