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I can only imagine the headaches your network engineers are going through right now. Study up guys :)

I want to be able to play the night of may 15th!
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Whats up with it telling me "Incorrect Account Info"?
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Yeah we have a ton of people in-game and playing right now. We're just working on trying to get a ton more in.

Define a Ton more lol
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Error 37 here =(
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Account name is email right? An it says servers are busy at this time. Try again later >< How much later though?!?!?!? lol

Yeah we have a ton of people in-game and playing right now. We're just working on trying to get a ton more in.

Define a Ton more lol

+1, I want to know how many people are playing if possible.
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I am getting the Error 12 login message - then when tried to reply to a post it said i needed a beta license to reply - thought i was going to be going around in circles - asking how to get one to post about not having one to log into the open beta.

So far only had the Servers are Busy message, and No License message.
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how long is a piece of string??

it'll get fixed... just have to keep trying periodically.
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I'm getting Error 37. Will this be fixed before tomorrow? I'd sure like to start gaming right now :(
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I shoulda figured we'd all manage to break something. I woulda tried a bit harder to get some sleep if I had stopped to think about it. :P

Oh well. I go to work at 9pm Eastern, get off at 6am, and will hit the "been up for 24 hours" mark at 1am. Whether I sleep as soon as I get home or try to spend time on DiabloCrack shall depend on how I'm feeling at 6am. :P
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Well I was in and playing, then I got kicked off for no apparent reason.
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What I wanna know is, if this "stress test" were never to happen, would the game have been like this at launch? Over the many years of releasing WoW expansions, wouldn't you anticipate that millions upon millions of people will be trying to play your game on day 1?

Saying the servers are full leads me to believe that you underestimated the number of people who wanted to try out the beta, let alone the game itself at launch. Wouldn't you come to understand by now the measures needed?
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2 hours into beta... I'm guessing the majority of people are finally finishing their download.
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It's not just an authentication issue. Hero creation and game creation processes also seem to be overwhelmed / having issues. I've seen more than a few reports across several forums on errors at that stage as well.1
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I almost got in and then had to make a gamer tag ( which is kinda stupid imo) I got a error code 75 after ... now stuck on error code 37 ... fml for not having a gamer tag in advance
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Error 37 also. Wish this open would have happened earlier in the week. I can imagine everyone got off work/school and hammered the servers. They could have done this on Tue/Wed/Thur so we could have actually played this weekend. :P Oh, well....
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You all need to settle down. This is Beta, and it is a stress test. Nobody is guaranteed play time. This whole weekend is to find these exact kind of issues so that on the 15th when it is RELEASED we wont have them.

Stay strong Bashiok.

I still have work for 6 more hours so hopfully its better by then :)
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Sitting here stoked to get my mind blown by D3.

You can do it BLIZZ :D
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