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Please include a toggle for Individual Loot.

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EDIT: Sorry, accidentally double-posted this in both General and Aus/NZ General!

I've just started playing Diablo 3 with my partner. One thing that is already bugging is the Individual loot.

I understand how it helps larger groups or people that aren't friends IRL, however it is really killing the immersion for us, who play on computers in the same room.

I'm not saying they should get rid of Individual Loot completely, but a toggle to turn it off or on would be awesome. Even if it was a visibility thing, so that you could see the other player's loot, but you couldn't pick it up!

A few reasons why I miss group drops:

- The most obious issue: If one of us kills a mob off screen, the other potentially misses what has dropped, which, in Diablo, might be something kick !@# like random unique or set item! You can argue that you should stick together or whatever, but even if it is a little off the screen, in a corner of the room or behind a pillar or something like that, it makes it much easier to miss, and introduces a feeling that you should be following the other player around checking every mob they kill (just in case).

Including an option to view the other player's loot would solve this instantly, ie: "Hey, X just dropped for you, get over here!! :D"

- There is no more excitement or fun of seing something drop that is aweosme for the other player, and then letting them run over and grab it, or giving it to them. Yes you could argue that we can do that with the loot that drops individually, but it means we are constantly having to communicate to each other regarding what has dropped. Instead of "OMG CHECK IT OUT, an awesome set piece!" it is "I got X, what did you get? I got X, what did you get? I got X, what did you get?"

- Standing there and deciding who gets what is FUN with Friends. Rolling (Like in WoW) or Individual Loot is great for people that are in it for themselves, but it does kill the fun somewhat from the traditional, stand there and survey what has dropped and then divvy up the loot.

Hell, even if it was a rolling system, that little mini-thrill of winning or losing the roll was fun in itself.

TL:DR - Include a toggle for Individual Loot, or at least a toggle to be able to see the other player's loot for those that play in the same room, and are happy to distribute the loot amongst each other.
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if you pick something up and drop it everyone else can see it.

/thread. it's to stop people stealing all the things
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I like the individual loot a lot. I was initially worried that if I played a ranged class I would loose out on all the drops as the melee classes would just click everything up as soon as it dropped.
However I do like you idea of being able to see what has dropped for other people, as long as you cant steal it.
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Individual loot = awesome.
Having a toggle to show everyone's loot = awesome.
Not to rip off another game, but dungeon hunter: alliance did this really well. Each player was assigned a colour, and their loot was in said colour.
And it being a toggle would only effect the person toggling it on. Seems simple.

A potential downside could be a regression in thinking to a 'group loot' type system. People will get pissed because a class item dropped for another player and that player won't give it up. Perhaps even after you've just given something to them!
But the idea definitely has merit.
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Say there is a DH and I'm A Barbarian. We play together. And with this toggle you notice I al getting a crapton on bow drops. (Usually my barb does have half his inventory as bows in the beta). The DH would QQ, "You don't need those bows. QQ QQ give to me". And the DH would go on and on and grief me till I forked over the bows.

It's my choice whether I want to AH or salvage or send to my alts. And if I want to give some to the DH I'll offer them in chat. I think a toggle for this is nice but having none does remove a lot of potential griefing.
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What the above said, sadly there are more trolls than loved ones on the internet :(
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