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who wrote the story for diablo 3

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Apologies if this has been asked before, but I was curious if we know who wrote the story (real person) for diablo 3 ?
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I think there is a whole team of writers that worked on it, but if you're looking for a 'head honcho', I think it may be Christopher Metzen who is credited with the overall plot of D3? A lot of the story ideas are borrowed (or carry through) from Richard Knaak's Sin War trilogy of novels.

Of course, someone can correct me if I'm wrong on that.

On the story note, does anyone feel that they've twisted the story too much by making High Heavens just as 'evil' as the Burning Hells?? From the way the novels read, I feel like both are cast as evil, manipulative dieties which just seems anti-thematic since the High Heavens are supposed to represent all that is 'good' in the universe.

Just my 2 cents, anyway...
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I agree with Abeer, Chris Metzen formally introduced himself as the "Lore Lord", lol in other words he wrote/directed/voiced most of what is in the Blizzard Genre, for christ's sake man he's Thrall and the Terran Marine. He does it all.

As for your side note. That's why they threw us a bone (Tyrael), they wanted to show how we (the heroes) can stand against all odds amidst the chaos of the world being overrun by hell. The story is told that Sanctuary is just a "backwater world" in which the greater entities care little for it. So is the case of WoW, you have to fight people like Algalon who, although are technically "good" people (he wanted to purge Azeroth of the taint of corruption), we still have to convince them of doing otherwise, that we are the good guys, we are the last good people left, they want the story to be about us.
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Yea, I suppose you're right, Tom.

I don't know, the whole notion of 'an entity being pure good and whip right around and be evil BECAUSE its pure good' doesn't agree with me. But if your argument that we're trying to 'prove' ourselves to the High Heavens is true, I can sit well with that, lol.

I guess we'll see what's what in...4 more weeks. ;D
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I'd imagine Leonard Boyarsky had more than his share of influence on the narrative. He was brought in to develop the world, but I would be surprised if they didn't use one of the masters beyond Fallout to work on the game's actual narrative...well, that is the very definition of a wasted opportunity.
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