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HC Witch Doctor Build

Just wanted some feedback from people about my potential Hardcore Witch Doctor Build.
The build is focused around mana regeneration. I plan on playing with friends but also using
this build to try and solo hardcore. Any tweaks or suggestions on how I can make this build better would be greatly appreciated.


Strategy would to slow with grasp of the dead, then fire bomb.
Then I can spirit barrage from long distance. I can haunt the stronger
bosses/elites and horrify when I need time to regroup. I could be lacking
dps with this build.

If I am playing solo I plan on using the templar companion with all healing abilities.

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100 Blood Elf Warlock
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As a lifelong hardcore player I have a pretty similar build but I do have a few comments.

I think you had too much mana regeneration, 4 runes and 2 passives that are all about mana regeneration, I would switch at least 1 of the 6 if I were you. I think changing Spirit Walks rune to the life regeneration might be a safe option.

Another option would be to only drop 1 mana regeneration passives (probably Spiritual Attunement), and replace it with Pierce the Veil to use up all the extra mana you will have.

Also, I don't see the synergy with Horrify. First, it makes enemies spread out, and you have a decent amount of AOE. Second, the mana regeneration depends on fearing more enemies, and you will not want to be getting near large groups to get the most out of that rune. I would change Horrify to Mass Confusion (with the stun rune).

Finally, I think crowd control is more important than damage in HC, so I would change your rune on Grasp of the Dead to give more slow or reduce the cooldown.

Just some ideas, some of it is preference, but most of it is about increasing survivablitiy. Enough HC deaths over several years has conditioned me to go defensive by reflex.

Here is a sample build I came up with after altering yours. In this one I didn't switch the passive to increase damage, but did the other alterations I mentioned.

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Thank you very much for your input. I like the suggestions you have made. I thought about
this build having too much mana regeneration. I like the spirit walk rune change for gaining life instead since it will be used as an escape skill most likely.

Horrify was to be used in places where I was getting overwhelmed and needed more time
to either regenerate mana or life and it syncs up with my passives. I could swap that out
for mass confusion as well. I'd have to test out both and see which works out better. You could very well be right about that change tho.

Horrify could be used for crowd control no? Use Horrify to scare away the packs,
the passives give it 30% mana regen over 10 seconds, and 2 seconds less on cooldowns,
then however many I hit with it gives me added mana. Then when they come back, im ready for grasp of the dead again which does 80% physical dmg with my rune, and spam firebomb and spirit barrage....I dunno just a thought.

Horrify only has a 20 second cooldown compared to mass confusions 60 seconds. I won't be able to use that skill as much. I could use one of the runes to shorten it but the cooldown would still be every 45 seconds. At least with horrify I have the ability to scare away packs more frequently. Whats your thoughts on that?
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
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Yeah, the Horrify change was more of a preference. It is very strong for avoiding getting overwhelmed, which is pretty key in HC. Also, it has a shorter cooldown, which is good for making sure it is up if something unexpected happens (Teleport mobs, etc.). It is a good choice overall.

The reason for my preference on Mass Confusion is mainly that it will keeps groups together, allowing for maximum use of Grasp of the Dead (which is a decent sized area but won't get a spread out group that was just feared) followed by Firebombing them down to a few stragglers, which you can snipe off with Haunt. Still, Horrify is a good idea, so if you like it no need to change it.
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I don't like the rune choices first of all, you have 2 mana passives and 4 mana runes. Way overboard.

Your using rain of corpses which is cheaper on mana compared to other aoes, but your killing the best part of the spell, the Slow. I believe that particular rune removes the slow because groping eels does damage increase but uses the wording, additional.

So you have unlimited mana, low damage and no CC besides Horrify (which I love and think people underestimate this spell)

Basically keeping the same build but changing some runes


Pick any other rune for Grasp of the dead, or change haunt to slow rune.
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So you are saying the rain of corpses rune removes the slow effect of grasp of the dead?
If this is true then I swap out that rune for either lower cd rune or 80% slower.

Also, I have to see how my mana managing is during gameplay. If my passives alone
are enough to regenerate enough mana, then I would change runes on all my skills to
give the best option for hardcore. If it isn't enough then I would change certain or all skills
back to mana regen depending on how much mana im using. Could be all of them or none.
I'd have to find a balance between the two.

We haven't even talked about gear yet either. I would probably use gear that yields me the
highest defense and life regeneration or maximum life boost. If my gear is giving me health and defense, then my skills can give me mana regen. This is just a thought. I don't even know what good gear is going to look like so this is all speculation.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
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Here is what I had came up with for myself before I saw this thread.

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Hey Revastran,

About your build. What's your main attack? You plan on spamming acid cloud? That's
going to cost you too much mana I think. I have mixed feelings on soul harvest. You have get
close and it might not be too viable on higher levels. I think you might have to swap out a couple things. I'm not sure what to change but I don't think haunt and acid cloud as your main attacks is going to work. Just my opinion tho. Maybe swap out soul harvest for a spammable attack.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
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Haunt is the left click attack, so will be the "main", though the build is not really designed to be constantly using a "main" attack.

I don't think mana will be a problem, with Draining Spirit rune on Haunt, it will return 10 mana a second (for up to 12 seconds), which covers its cost if the spell lasts full duration. On top of that, Rush Essence passive will return 30% cast on 4 of the spells, including haunt. Spiritual Attunement adds to the total mana pool and gives a passive 1% regeneration. As such, casting Haunt regularly shouldn't be a problem.

That being said, the idea is to combo groups in between using Haunt to snipe. Cast Mass Confusion (with stun added), Soul Harvest to increase int/damage, then Grasp to keep the group in one place, after which drop Acid Cloud as much as needed. Then go back to Haunt. At any point Spirit Walk for defense/positioning. Repeat.
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We will have to see how managing mana comes into play. Your build uses the same passives as mine and if that is enough to sustain mana then I would change some of my runes other then mana regen.
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So you are saying the rain of corpses rune removes the slow effect of grasp of the dead?
If this is true then I swap out that rune for either lower cd rune or 80% slower.

Its pure speculation but if you look at the runes, Groping eels increases the damage by an "additional" amount

Rain of corpses damage is even higher

Why have 2 runes that increase the damage with no other difference
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So keeping HC at mind, none of you have thought about any Damage Reduction in the slightest which is very odd... You don't want to die AT ALL =P
But to each their own, its your life really !

So with a minor tweak to one of your builds without Damage reduction I made a rather fun build.
This using Grasping Dead for Health Globes and Gruesome Feast for + %50 Int & Mana is pretty sweet.(10 seconds is decent) Hopefully you gain that 50% Mana and don't have to Regen it. we will see..

Or with Damage reduction in mind. Again minor tweakage to your build get Bad med and get some poison damage in there... 20% Damage reduction will surely be a huge incentive in the beginning of your Hell/Inferno Experience.

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Slight variation here with a bit more focus on CC. I definitely like the starting point of the OP's build, just not exactly how I'd choose to play it. I'm not even planning on playing HC but I do like the idea of playing a highly survivable, CC heavy WD.
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