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Overheating CPU, even in chat

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So, I'm having problems with Diablo 3 overheating my laptop CPU. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with Diablo 3, and not a problem with the cooling in my laptop. This laptop can run Crysis on medium-highish settings, had no problem with Deus Ex, Portal 2, Crysis 2, etc. The main fan seems to be working ok, and I have the laptop set up on an elevated air cooler.

I can play the Diablo 3 beta smoothly on all max settings at 1600x900 at ~30fps.. but my CPU hits over 100 degrees and sometimes shuts down. So I tried to lower the settings.. I set the maximum foreground fps to 30, resolution to 720p, and all other settings to low, including physics. The temperatures did not decrease at all.

Then yesterday I was hanging out just in chat, with all the settings still on low as above, and I *still hit 103 degrees*.

Here are my specs:

Windows (Service Pack 1)
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz
2.55 GHz
5.8 GB
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
3.64 GB

I'm running 64 bit windows 7 btw. I would file this in another forum, but Im not a beta tester.. I was just playing during the open weekend.
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Same, Diablo has issues with the performance...

And no it's not my Pc, i can play better graphics game for hours without overheating problems.
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Clean the fan, Just because it is visually working does not mean it is working to it's full potential.
That's my guess.
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"Beta is not optimized."

All I can say is a laptop is not an ideal platform for video games.
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Guys, come on, we're talking about a laptop which has no problem running more graphically intensive games, and Diablo 3 is causing overheating on the lowest settings, after just being *in chat* for like 10 minutes. This has got to be a bug.
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04/23/2012 06:50 PMPosted by brian
Guys, come on, we're talking about a laptop which has no problem running more graphically intensive games, and Diablo 3 is causing overheating on the lowest settings, after just being *in chat* for like 10 minutes. This has got to be a bug.

I've been speaking of this for some time. From what I gather, the only conclusion to come to at this point is that the beta is not optimized.

However, certainly it cannot hurt to inform Blizzard of these issues, and the more the better, such that attention is brought to it, via whatever form may be able to alleviate the problems players are experiencing.
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i do find it weird that it uses 98% of my overclocked 560ti....
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I have the same problem, I have almost the same specs on my laptop as you and the computer crashed repeadetly during playing, regardless whether in a middle of the fight or in character selection menu, seems to me there is more to it than just overheating since - as I said - it crashes for me in menu as well...:(
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I totally agree and for whoever thinks laptops are not made for gaming then why do they make very expensive laptops that work amazing for games? Your out of date.

This game has a very big bug that has caused so many peoples computers to shut off. please fix this i can't even install the game without my computer shutting off. i play many games on my laptop and this i can;t install
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100 degrees? You mean body temperature? or 100 degrees Celsius, boiling water?
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In the D3 options, there is a setting to adjust your on-screen framerate. It was default to 150 for me. Way too high, you only need it to match your monitor's fresh rate.

For most people, you don't need more than 60. 120 if you are running an awesome monitor. 85 if you are still using an old CRT. This will prevent your computer from doing extra work that it doesn't need to be doing.

On the laptop issue, D3 can tell you CPU to process as hard as it can. However, D3 cannot tell your CPU to process over 100% of its capabilities. If your laptop overheats when the CPU is running at 100%, then it is the laptop's cooling system fault. It is my firm belief that any cooling system should be able to sustain 100% usage 24/7. Too bad most laptop manufacturers don't think about that when they design laptops.
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I'm having the same problem. I'm going to try adjusting the frame rate
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I have a similar issue, my radeon ati hd 4850 runs really hot when playing D3, up to 90-100C on low settings and overheating on max settings even after adjusting the frame rate.
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My Intel Core i5-2500k @ 3.30GHz is overheating. I've tried turning down the physics, GFX, FPS, etc. Nothing seems to help.
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Well i was hoping it was just my computers time, but i played 3 hrs of Diablo 3 last night and my PC completely powered off. Stinks like burning. Phenom six core 3.0. However the heat is the power supply. It wont turn back on now. I play other games with no problems. Wont know what really took a dump until i test. But its very coincidental. Typing on my cell. Yay.
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I'm having the same problem too. Crashing after 10-20 mins of gameplay.
During beta, my laptop crashed while in the Character Selection screen.

In my opinion, wait until a patch comes out. There's usually one soon after release.
This isn't the first game i've had this issue with, and an early patch and graphics card update fixed it nicely.
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i experience this too on my alienware m17 gaming laptop. at the menu screens the my fans turn on full blast and then once i join a game, it goes back down.

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