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Overheating CPU, even in chat

Okay, that's fine with laptops, but mine is a desktop, not a laptop.
I'm on my iMac now and I had to tur it off because it was getting too hot.
What's the excuse now? And my iMac is a desktop running snowleopard.
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Alienware m18x (Laptop)

2x 6990m (2gb GDDR5 Vram/card 740/1000)
Primary GPU: 156*F
Second GPU: 149*F

2760QM CPU (104.00 BLCK, up from 100)
Highest Temp: 147.2*F
This is in the Menus.

Ingame after 10minutes...
GPU1: 158*F
GPU2: 149*F
CPU : 152*F

Laptop that is running game great and not overheating, must not be the game?

* Seriously though, maintain the computer, completely blow it out, redo the thermal paste (Yes it does go bad).
* In the case of low Framerates, check to see if the GPU is being utilized 100%, if it is not then the GPU isn't being capped in usage. Check the GPU/CPU Temps, refer to cleaning it if it overheats.
* In some laptops that utilize a single fan for GPU/CPU heat dissipation, then it is the design of the laptop that is bad.
* In the case of a Custom Built Desktop, double check to make sure "Everything" is put in correctly. Due to being Custom Built it can be more prone to user error, as the owner of said custom machine normally added in parts. It is possible that it may have happened regardless of how good you are with computers, mistakes do happen.

As was said before, a computer will NOT overheat if its hardware is seated properly and is designed to dissipate large amounts of heat, even if X Game runs fine on the machine, Y Game may not if it pushes everything "Harder". Diablo 3 isn't the cause of every issue, but in poor designed machines it can be.

In the case of Crysis and such not overheating the computers... Try running it at MAXXED settings and post results, I am curious now.
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Your excuse for my iMac?
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#1 How old is said computer

#2 What are its specs

#3 How often do you clean it
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It's an iMac with Snow Leopard os
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Specs, as in:

CPU (Model and Speed)

iMac with Snow Leopard means nothing to me.
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Macs are fashion over form and were never a good platform for gaming to begin with.
Apple has historically gone with the minimum cooling solution, hence why you may have heating issues.

If you're running a Mac, google and download smcFanControl and push those fans harder, yes it will make more noise, yes it will lower your temperatures, but it's your only choice for a pre-built cheap machine.

For PC users, check with your manufacturer to see if they have released a BIOS update with more aggressive fan speed settings, conversely throwing your Power Profile in the control panel to "Power Saver" will stop so much heat being produced at the cost of performance.

Throwing your Power Profile into power saver will then force the processor to remain in an idle clock speed setting more often than not. - In a majority of laptops (Even a Macbook) the cooling solutions are shared between the processor and graphics card via heatpipes, so the net effect is both will run cooler as a result.

Reducing things that rely on the CPU in the graphics settings should lighten any framerate hit.

Cleaning out your fans helps too, they do get filled up with dust which restricts airflow.
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I cleaned out the fan ports where the GPU and CPU are on my laptop yesterday and saw a 25-30 degree (Fahrenheit) difference in temperature via HWMonitor. It helped tremendously with performance. Believe me, it was the last thing I thought of when I was having performance issues. I can't change the fan speeds on the GPU and CPU, AFAIK, on the Gateway P-7805u, so I have the laptop lifted a couple inches off the table with small blocks of wood, without blocking the fan ports, to help keep it cool. Now to get rid of the unexpected error at launch...
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Lol, im using a Q6600, HD 5850, 8gb DDR3 ram...no issues or overheating here ;)

for reals tho...its a laptop. laptop for gaming = fail (eventually). they cant deal with heat

04/23/2012 06:50 PMPosted by brian
Guys, come on, we're talking about a laptop which has no problem running more graphically intensive games, and Diablo 3 is causing overheating on the lowest settings, after just being *in chat* for like 10 minutes. This has got to be a bug.

good thing i didn't upgrade to an i5. Seriously, you guys are doing something wrong. i thought 560 > 5850
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07/22/2012 11:51 AMPosted by MDethCKR
for reals tho...its a laptop. laptop for gaming = fail (eventually). they cant deal with heat

Actually, that varies depending on how good of a laptop ya got.

Mine that I referenced above, is upgradable in many ways still, including videocards. But for a majority of laptops (90%ish Range), You are Dead in the Water...
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Have the same issue but i'm not playin on laptop,

And my computer got way over the requierments for this game... Started play for 1 week ago managed to get 1 lvl 60 DH and 38 Barbarian. Then all the sudden on diablo on inferno comp shuts down. No overheat or what so ever and now my computer starts and boots for like 20 sec to 1 min and shuts down again.. I've changed everything in my computer and still same resolve..

please help?
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Please don't bump old threads like this (from last July), just start a new one describing your issue.

In a new thread, post the temps your cpu and gpu are reaching when the computer has been idle for several minutes on the login screen for the game. You can use HWMonitor for that.


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Not sure if anyone is still having this issue. I was having this same issues just now and this fixed my problem. Go to this link on blizzard tech support.


They also have a fix for Mac.
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So, I'm having problems with Diablo 3 overheating my laptop CPU. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with Diablo 3, and not a problem with the cooling in my laptop. This laptop can run Crysis on medium-highish settings, had no problem with Deus Ex, Portal 2, Crysis 2, etc. The main fan seems to be working ok, and I have the laptop set up on an elevated air cooler.

Buy a cooling pad to be placed underneath laptop.
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Set Foreground Max FPS to 40!!!!!!

I experienced the same overheat and shut down problem after what seemed like a brief period of play. I was convinced my video card was a dud and I was done playing D3!
I made sure to buy the best on board video I could afford at the time just to play games like D3.

Asus A53S
Intel QuadCore i7
8Gigs of Ram
Nvidia GeForce 610m 2GB
Windows 7 Home premium

I read all the posts and forums I could find. I cleaned my fan dismantled my laptop replaced the thermal grease on the GPU lowered all the video settings physics, clutter density , low fx , and removed anti aliasing and still overheated!!!

I cleaned up my start up and eliminated processes
and then stumbled on this:


I updated my drivers, restored the video defaults to the D3 (High performance across the board) and and lowered my Foreground Max FPS to 40 and I can play (so far so good !!!) without over heating my GPU or shutting down my laptop!!!!!

The official solution from blizzard:

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i think te problem is the new update fore diablo III launcher,same problem with me and it started
after the new update of launcher
i think there is a bug there
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