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No HC corpse loot=refrain from using items


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04/25/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Shell
If a players character dies in hardcore in a co-op or PVP game their corpse should drop all their items like character popping in D2.

Agree. Played D2 Hardcore for years. The change doesn't make sense and I understand the longterm implications.

A 10 second channel on Save & Exit. A cooldown on potions. A 10 second channel on TP's. Combine these facts, plus an even harder level of difficulty, and Hardcore is already going to be very difficult compared to D2.

Any lag or power out can kill you in HC (which has always been an issue), and now the gameplay dangers have increases without any quick escape options. I like the idea of having a IRL friend be able to get me my gear if my cable provider decides to have a bad day.
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HC may be a neat feature to prove yourself with, but its insane to go hardcore first all the way. That's why I'm starting at SC, studying a number of things, THEN going hardcore, if i want.
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04/25/2012 12:10 AMPosted by Failtacular
You are not ready for HC.
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Just wondering, do people still drop GOLD when you kill them in SC?
From the videos i seen in the blizzcon cofference HC characters could only trade with in HC mode only
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Why would people keep perfect items around if they aren't going to use them, especially when it is most crucial?
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It is not Hardcore if you dont lose everything.

Last thing i want to see is "friends" walking behind you ready to pick up your stuff. just so you can keep on going.
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As a player who only ever played Diablo 2 on hardcore mode, I am all for the removal of instant "save and exit", instant TP, and corpse loot. I'm tired of people acting like it was no harder than normal mode to survive and do well. I want people to know that I never abused any of those mechanics and that I actually did build a kickass character who was resilient and powerful and played smart.
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04/25/2012 11:47 PMPosted by Invulnerable
Why would people keep perfect items around if they aren't going to use them, especially when it is most crucial?

Also, this. The only way I would consider not using a super powerful item is if my defenses made my death likely. Like, I wouldn't slap a perfect weapon on a character with poor resistances and terrible armor. I would get the weapon to somewhere safe, and use it as soon as I felt I had enough gear to warrant it. Purposely stashing it forever makes no sense to me. The items exist to be used.
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add this and you are Dead..

have you seen that Dudes Gear in hc....\

join game with him Agro lot of mobs use Skill to drop agro....

get him killd work way back to the place they died profit....

so yhea Stuped idea

if HC players drop the gear they have when they die lots of Greefing will insure
Too scary for you? Stick to sc.
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Your current argument assumes you don't die in arena based pvp. Last I heard HC permadeath in pvp was STILL UP FOR DISCUSSION. therefore, we do not know if you will loose your perfect gear in pvp yet, if you do you may as well use it in pve.

If you don't then yes people will save there absolute BEST gear for PvP, while using the next best they can find for pve.

However, As is I plan on only having 1 set of gear for characters that share a main stat and just to trade it over via my stash when I want to switch (granted I also plan in playing SC) so my DH and Monk will use the same gear and my Wiz and WD will use the same gear.

I dont plan* on playing a barbarian, but if I do the bastard will have his own set =P
Played some years of pure HC on D2 classic back in the day. I am personally pretty happy that d3 seems to have "harder core". Losing all your items on death and not being able to instantly leave the game or escape bosses seems awesome. Now the economy will be very interesting and it would be a perfect place to add RMAH so that weaker players who want to look cool could remove even more items from the game and while doing so add a nice steady cash flow to Blizzard and the people who find the items.
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Just my $.02 - I played Hardcore in D2 with a few friends and loved the intensity of it. All of our characters that died, died when we were playing alone, so we never got to take advantage of the loot system...

I think that with D3 having a shared stash and possibly keep our artisan's level, we don't need to keep our equipped items or inventory as well.

The bigger potential loss, the greater the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with each level or goal you achieve.

The "epicness" of the accomplishment will be watered down with any addition to make things easier... (ie: keep items)

I think keeping our gold, and shared stash, and possibly our artisans level and losing everything else is a great balance of fun and intensity.
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All this will do is promote HC griefing and ppl teaming up to kill other HC players.

i.e. Two or three friends form a public game and deliberately kill off anyone that joins their game to get all their gear/loot by ditching them on a champion pack or event.
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