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Blizzard Must Modernize Movement in D3!

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you lost me at WASD...

play d2 and you will understand
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This would give ranged chars an unfair advantage. The ability to move while firing would make classes like the DH OP, and potentially give rise to problems concerning kiting. Blizzard made it this way to give classes like the barb a level playing field. Although I am all for adding a "force move" button. It would take away the ability to attack with the mouse buttons, so that you could concentrate on running away.
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There is no way in the world that you can play fast enough with WASD in a Diablo game, especially since there's no "move backwards" animation. Either you want 8-direction movement (you don't want this in Diablo) or you want them to make you rotate and W and S to be forward and back (again, without a running backwards animation, either S will do nothing and you'll be massively gimped in movement, or W and S both move you forward, but once you start rotating, I guarantee that you will not be able to keep track of which one's which in a Diablo combat situation.)

WASD doesn't work with this game. Maybe it does with the people who have rigged it in, but I dare them to beat later difficulties with that kind of gimped movement. WASD can't work in Diablo (1, 2, or 3,) because you're not acting in first person, or over the shoulder. You're overhead, and your area of potential dangers is too dense and wide to permit you to ever succeed with it.
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I hope they add game pad support WSAD would be a good step forward. I would be able to bind those with xpadder. I am not trolling, I really don't think this is the kind of game that require precise mouse movement or the 104 keys of the keyboard.
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silence heathen!

WASD movement is NOT for diablo3

period. *stamps foot*
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The point of WASD movement is to separate movement from attacks. Currently, you have to click like a maniac in order to kite while running away from something. With WASD, you shoot where your mouse is pointed while running in whatever direction you're using your movement keys.

Console games implemented this by having movement bound to one analog stick and aim bound to the other one. It allows you to do really fun things.

Kiting in Diablo games has always been an incredible pain, clicking wise. A better interface would reduce the APM requirement for kiting.

In essence, your suggestion is only opposed by the elitist players who like that not everyone knows or bothers to break their fingers kiting so that they can appear better by comparison.

How would stutter step with marines work in a diablo 3 interface system? That's right, it wouldn't.
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I Agree! I don't know about you guys but playing a demon hunter without WASD is a B!@^(#
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Although providing more options is generally a good thing, I must say what the OP has outlined seems on the whole a lot more complicated and therefore more clumsy than what is currently in the game. I can't really foresee this being high on the list of Blizzard's priorities to add to the game.
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Its not hard to move if you know how to play, bind a movement key, hold shift, hold mouse button, this solves all your problems.
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I can't wait for the joystick implimentation!
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Being that there is autofacing... makes perfect sense to use wasd. Protip, people who don't want it: *GASP* don't use it? Duh.
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i don't think range classes can move and cast attack animations at the same time. That's why strafing and WASD might be impossible.
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I don't quite agree with everything you said... But I think left click should always stick to movement. I wish when I was witch doctor that if I wanted to move INTO a group of enemies so I can own them with firebats that I wouldnt be shooting darts at every enemy I hover over on the way. I would rather use keys 1-5 and left click be move and right click be a skill....

EDIT: I mean left click be melee attacks. Even if you're a ranged character
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04/23/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Apollinarius
Kiting in Diablo games has always been an incredible pain, clicking wise. A better interface would reduce the APM requirement for kiting.

Actually, you don't need a high APM in Diablo3 at all. Mine's well below 100 and I never died.

I just keep the left-click held down the whole time, unless I need to click on an item on the ground or to activate an object/door/person.

Then, if I need to attack, I just hold down the Shift key. When you're force-stopped while the left mouse button is down (even if it was activated as a move command), you will automatically activate your left-click skill on whatever your cursor is on.

This also works with other commands that queue movement before activating the skill (like the Monk's Lashing Tail IIRC).


Also, on the strange pi debate... pi is actually unitless. It is just implied that it's in radians if there's no other unit mentioned. So saying pi Radians is completely valid, and saying 2pi degrees actually does mean 6.28 degrees.
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as a general rule, you cant have WASD character movement in a top down game. it works for WoW cause its first person (effectively giving you 360 movement) and starcraft, because your moving the camera, not the units themselves.
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I like being able to play with one hand. Don't see why people are complaining about mouse moving.
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04/23/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Tehror
I like being able to play with one hand. Don't see why people are complaining about mouse moving.

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Heck, 1-4 keys actually have a purpose besides health potion etc. I have no real complaints.
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Point 'n click = total control for surfaces movements. (strategies / hack n slash / puzzle / etc.)
keyboard = total control for 1st , 2nd and 3rd person vision game...

I agree about customize some short key but not for the movements . sorry
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Clicking away to get away and attacking instead is indeed very annoying, having some function to prevent that would be very nice.
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