Diablo® III

My follower was a very enjoyable addition

Hey guys. I just spent the weekend playing and I must say I LOVE the follower. Now, many people will probably complain about their skills, or abilities or usefulness etc...but I just want to say that the follower added SO much depth to the ambiance of the game for me. I love how he has something to say about everything going on around you. I love the interplay between my character and the follower. Followers are no longer just automatons that might as well just be summoned pets. He felt like a part of the story and added a lot of enjoyability to my experience. Well done Blizzard. Oh and btw, well done on everything else too. I really feel like this Diablo stands right up there with the other two so far. There are different game mechanics but that doesn't bother me becasue MAN is this game fun!
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Yes, this. I actually cared about my dude, as opposed to not really feeling anything or caring if the follower dies. The interplay and short little conversations really made the game world breathe.
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86 Orc Death Knight
His skills are extremely useful too, or at least they will be when we encounter the first challenging areas.
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Agreed I like the follower the commentary is nice as well. Wish that different classes wouldn't say some of the same things or a change in the dialogue but none the less it was very enjoyable.
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i really really enjoyed the follower conversing with my barbarian. all that stuff about warriors overcoming their fear and stuff, while we are destroying hordes of demons. got me pumped up and really put me in the shoes of my barb :D
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90 Draenei Mage
Idk there needs to be a way to shut the chatter off optionally, after a few run throughs the dialogue gets to be a broken record. Maybe it'll be different having the full game to play through but so far the templar is giving me an ulcer.
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I too love the follower chat. I can't wait to grab the Scoundrel or Enchantress and bring them back into Act1 and see what they have to say about the Skeleton King and Deckard Cain that is different from the Templar.

Also the first time I heard "I will follow you but the books of the order are mine" or whatever line I was like: "You have books!? Were I must find these". I really like that they are part of the questing and can't wait to complete each act, each boss, with each follower.
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