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What do you do for a Living???

I'm 3P051, Security Forces in the Air Force, Huaa!!!!
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Graphic designer for a phone accessories company
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04/26/2012 04:41 PMPosted by ElDiablo
I sell things

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Good call!

Why wasn't the Air Force alerted at all when the planes that crashed into the WTC's went off course? Doesn't the Air Force know at all times all air traffic that's occuring over US air space? How did 2 giant airliners get to fly around willy nilly for a while with no jets dispatched?

once the transponders on those planes where shut off they just became radar returns. that time of day over NYC the air space is very crowded. aka needle in a haystack. You also have another problem, the Air Force cannot bring down a jumbo jet over the Northeastern US, population density is so high and no way any ATA weapon we have could completely obliterate a 767 it would come down mostly whole on a neighborhood.
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I'm a spoon.
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27 year old uenmployed
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Web Developer and official team member of Community Builder for Joomla at Joomlapolis. Yes, the name is the same there (Krileon aka Kyle). I'm also the owner of AllMySocials a private social networking web development business (contract based), but CB Team Member is my full time job.
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I am a licensed ninja training simulator repairman.
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I'm a chimney sweep. Chim-cheru!

I'm gonna need all that luck when I get to inferno.

Also do art commissions sometimes, but that's not really a living.
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I'm a software designer
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Freelance graphic designer.

All of which I do from home :) More time to play this game and set my own hours.
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My name is Gordon Freeman, and i'm actualy on vacation on another planet, preparing my 3rd deployment at Black Mesa.
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Hey Skyfurie, I have a few questions for you being in the US Air Force and it would greatly help my insight into the nature of the US Military.

Why did you join the Army?

How do you feel about war in general?

How would you feel as a US soldier if one day you were ordered to kill US citizens?

Have you ever killed a person?

Do you have any knowledge of an "end of days" scenario?

1. I joined the Air Force =P to see the world, my father and his father and so on and so forth were all Military Service Members and i wanted to do something with my life =)

2. Without War there is no Peace, without Peace there is no War. I dont support War but its something that we cant change so till then i will do what is needed of me.

3. well LOAC ( Law Of Armed Conflict) states that a normal citizen is a non combatant, therefore i am not allowed to fire on them. If i was Ordered to shoot an unarmed Citezen of the US i would tell my Superior that he/she is giving me an Unlawful order and i Will Disobey.

4. Sorry dude but that information is personel.

5. End Days? Not a Clue.

Hope my answers help =)
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04/26/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Dzyan
I'm a spoon.

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I am a Dictator.
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I pick things up and put them down.

Wait thats product process for best buy. Yep the idiot that unloads the trucks and throws sorry loads your tv into the car for you.
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Studying some serious stuff at university!
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For end of days you just need to hope the A10 can load Shotgun Shells to mow down waves of zombies.

Because lets face it a 30mm Gatling Shotgun would be pretty kick !@#.
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I'm a professional trouser trout tugger famous across all continents. I'm known by my superb knob polishing techniques and have received knighthood from the queen of England.

You may refer me as Sir Matt Spader.
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