Diablo® III

Which class will you play at launch?

Which class will you play at launch?

Witch Doctor
Demon Hunter
This poll has ended - Apr 24, 2012
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Vote above!
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Demon Hunter. I Like the style.
I'd love to see this same poll... but for those intending to play Hardcore.
wer all muh witch dox at yo

EDIT: Oh wow Witch Doctor is actually winning O_o
EDIT 2: Not anymore :S
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After open beta, i changed from a DH to wizard
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DH babay
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Wizard...i always liked the wizard in every RPG game. But this one..hmm..doesnt seem to flow so well at least at such low levels..
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Monk! I've decided to stick with him even though I keep reading about speculation that he will have shortcomings. Hopefully it pays off later in hell/inferno :)
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Monk/Barb/Wizard first.

Probably Monk.
Barb solo
Wizz whit my friends.

i will start whit wizz if i cna play whit my friends at start, else barb :)

(voted wizz cuz they are awesome!)
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In descending order, Demon Hunter, Monk, Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor.

But I love all my babies.
Barbarian = Flying guillotine

BTW....What did you pick Bash?
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Well at first i thought i was gonna play wizard for sure, but after trying the Monk, i think i'm sold. So much fun!
Monk it up baby.

Edit: Surprised Wiz is low at the moment... seems like the easiest class to farm with (based on my experience).
Edited by Onetwo#1132 on 4/22/2012 4:00 PM PDT
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YES! Only a few barbarians to rule the Sanctuary.
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DH or Barb, whichever has the least votes :P
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