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what do you think of my monk build

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this is a damage dealer monk build
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you can combo the deadly reach 18% then the breath of heaven 15% then do your mantra 48% then seven sided strike something for a +81% of your 1007% weapon damage 7 sided strike. then way of the hundred fists. rinse and repeat. lol
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It's sort of hard to judge how useful your passives/survivability will be since we don't know what we're up against. Who knows if Seize the Initiative will be necessary? (I think it probably will :P)

On to more the concrete. Firstly, you lack a good spirit dump. Spirit unspent is spirit wasted. I doubt you're planning on spamming DS or MoC and SSS/BoH can't be spammed so you need a skill like Lashing Tail Kick.

Second, your build lacks CC. A straight up heal like BoH (or a pot) in some situations will only prolong your death, not prevent it. For example, some mobs are crushing you, you heal, they continue crushing you until you're dead. I would use Serenity (which can heal if runed) or Blinding Flash instead. Both of these skills can also allow you to escape in a pinch.

Finally, I don't think your build is well served with a second generator. Both runed generators require the use of the third strike. I understand you're probably planning on opening with DRx3 and then spamming WotHF to your heart's content but I honestly think you'd be better off picking one of the aforementioned skill instead or DR (or any other skill that strikes your fancy).

Just my two cents :)
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well i think 2 gen will be good one is AOE one is for spamming on bosses or killing the tough mob. like i said befor this is a combo dashing strike will only be used to get in and out of combat zones if your in too deep. the combo is DRx3 BOH X1 MOC x1 sssx1 then WOTHF/ DR till you max spirit. i might change pasifism to near death experiance just incase i get owned by something. then ill just dash my way out of there.
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Good for normal difficulty, but I'd lay odds on you getting face-rolled in anything above Nightmare.
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For inferno difficulty, there are a few recommendations I would make.

First, you really don' have much of a spirit dump. Sure you can keep recasting MoC or start sprinting everywhere but when you're SSS is on CD, you're basically just stuck surviving for 30 seconds since your damage out put will all be tied into using generators. I'm not saying this is bad, but you're lowering your damage out put just to get damage % increases

Second, I would definitely change up your passives. One with everything can definitely be a keeper although we don't know how easy it will be to raise multiple resistances so it could be mostly worthless. However, seize the initiative is completely gear dependant on how effective it is and it isn't going to reduce how much damage you take as effectively as benefits you get from other passives. Also, pacifism is only going to be useful against a small amount of encounters. Sure, in those encounters it could be the difference between life and death, but most of the time it's useless. Basically, i think of that ability as something you switch to once your group wipes to a boss. You should be able to survive through skill first against CC heavy encounters before relying on damage reductions

Here's a build you might want to try.


Now you have a reason to recast MoC besides just the increased damage bonus due to transcendence making it heal you for 3.1k health. Also, since you're using DS-Q, you can now dash to an ally, use BoH to get a 31% damage bonus instead of just 15%, and then use SSS to do even more damage. This set up provides more damage, controlled survivability, and benefits from recasting your mantra over and over since it turns into a potent self heal and damage buff... I'm still not sure if the build needs a spirit dump that does damage but something like lashing tail kick or another defensive CD like serenity could be extremely useful instead of way of the hundred fists. This is something you'd have to play to see
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