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Beta game maps predictable?

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During the free weekend for Diablo 3, I was able to predict where certain areas will be on the map (i.e. going from cathedral level 4 down).

Will this be fixed upon release?

I'm assuming that the map is only like this cause well, it IS beta.

Any clarity on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you :D!
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No, there are some maps that are static and there are some maps that are dynamic. Dungeons are mostly dynamic but with a limit.
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It's random but some "chunks" are the same. Won't be any different in the real game.
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Static areas being story areas e.g. Jandar
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Thanks for the swift replies fellas!
I appreciate it.
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The beta is also the most streamlined / narrow point in the entire game, they've stated it opens up a lot more afterwards, which was even noticable in the leaked beta content.
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None of the maps in D2 were truly random either. They just had a certain number of variables that could be sussed out with enough practice. Because we are seeing a fairly small dungeon with a lot of static elements to it, it is easy to figure out those variables rather quickly.

But, even having been in beta for quite some time, there is still the occassional map segment that surprises me, though. So chances are that bigger maps will be much harder to figure out.
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All the above replies apply but also keep in mind that with each "chunk" or segment that you get you're not guaranteed to get the same...stuff...in that particular chunk each time.

Sometimes there's a chest down the stairs of that one chunk, sometimes a champion pack sometimes nothing, sometimes an 'event' through a door like the trapped chests etc...all of these things are just incentive to explore even though you may think you've seen all the layouts, sometimes there are surprises in each layout worth checking out.

Every time I passed a certain 'chunk' in the dungeon I always stopped to run down it's stairs and check around the corner since one time a big chest was down there. Only saw it once during the open beta for example, some people probably saw it many times down there. random is random.
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I did not run in to this issue at all. I'm guessing the OP was one of those rare few whom the random maps randomly generated very similar layouts each time through.
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Game maps are predictable because it is pretty much the tutorial levels. The maps will eventually open up.
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