For the Australia and NZ players who don't swing through the US Discussion thread, if that's possible.

Diablo 3 Streams, Get listed or find a favorite Diablo 3 streamer!

At we offer Diablo 3 streamers a place to list their Diablo 3 streaming content. We also provide viewers interested in Diablo 3 streamers a place to come to find the stream that fits their taste. Listing your stream or simply swinging by to sift through the listing will only benefit everyone! We are at the top of the major search engines.

Currently listings are limited to and diablo 3 streamers. The website is still pretty new and will be going through cosmetic changes as well as coding to allow more stream hosts such as etc. I am also planning on posting supreme content to the front page of the site, currently it is just me providing but opportunities are available to get your content on the front page, whether it's an article/blog entry, video or a little of it all!

Here is what I need from you all,
    If you intend on streaming Diablo 3 to the public, either list your stream link below in the comments and I will list it or go to and fill in and submit the form.

    It's a little primitive but for now if you guys have or know of some really good or potential content, gimme a heads up below in the comments and maybe it will make it to the front page!

    Lastly, cruise on by the website. Have a look, if there are no streams available, swing through again later. Let me know any suggestions you may have either here or through the email form at

We are sooooo close to release! I myself am stoked and have some many plans to work with the community and even provide some of my own prestigious content. I created Diablo 3 Streams for the community and I really hope all sides of the spectrum take advantage of it, whether your a viewer, streamer or content provider!

Enjoy the site, its there for everyone!
Diablo 3 Streams