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$250 limit is way too small

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Those of you that are proponents of using the gold AH to sell your items then selling the gold in the RMAH had better figure out the mechanics of the gold supply.

The more we play the more gold we pull out of those dungeons. Spare gold will likely find its way to the AH after a while unless there is a fair amount of upkeep causing us to have to use it. Eventually the supply will be pretty huge. On top of that, what happens to all of the gold that Blizz scraps off the gold AH? Will blizzard sell it? Will it sell theirs before yours? I haven't seen anything stating Blizzard's plan for their gold or how they plan on managing the gold economy.

Seems to me that a huge never ending supply of gold will eventually overtake demand and the price of 100,000,000,000 gold(or what ever the max is) will drop below $250. When this happens items prices will balance in both AHs and the advantage of the gold AH disappears. Then your awesomesupercool_ginormouscost item can reap you your $250. Or... maybe you look for another market place.... just sayin.
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how is this thread still going?
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why would buyers risk getting scamed, account banned, at all, when they can buy in on the RMAH cheaper than the 3rd party sites? and if you think ALL sellers of certain items are going to go "OFF SHORE" you are kidding yourselfs.

that would be when the sellers put the prices up for the cut being taken. they wanna sell an item up for 10 bucks? its now like 14
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the cap encourages GAH trading and should remain as it is.
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it's like.. you guys have to have something to whine about.. seriously?

how does a 250 USD limit actually affect you?

answer, it doesnt..

You're not gonna make a living off of this game.. unless you are fairly delusional. in which case, go to the nearest mental hospital and check yourself in..
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I hope I run into the problem of wishing I could sell something for more than $250. Count me as one who will take that sale and run.
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Raise it to 500$ at least!
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it's like.. you guys have to have something to whine about.. seriously?

how does a 250 USD limit actually affect you?

answer, it doesnt..

You're not gonna make a living off of this game.. unless you are fairly delusional. in which case, go to the nearest mental hospital and check yourself in..

You sir, have no idea what you are talking about. Some 3rd party d2 site have reporting earnings of over $100k a day, now i realize that's more than one person running bots and doing it for a living/ business, but the point is its possible. There is a big market for these pixels everyone keeps saying others are stupid for buying, but none the less it happens people buy diablo 2 gear and spend a lot of money on it. Especially for perfect rolls. Its yet to see how much the stats vary to really know how rare a perfect item will be which will determine the value of said item. If stats are going to vary as much as values on d2 items and we already know some gear will have up to 6 !?! different varying stats my guess is full perfect rolls will be worth MORE yes i said MORE than d2 items because full perfect would be that much more rare...

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Alright simple fact is, if stuff is as rare as blizzard has made it with the loot tables. As well as duping staying out of the game, then what you have is a potential for items to be very valuable b/c only 20-30 of these items in the world should exist. Why do people pay obscene amounts for cars, Bugatti, this is a similar concept with stuff being unique. With that said I can see people paying very high amounts for these items. I can see us dealing in such large quantities that the RMAH just would make more sense if there was no cap.
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Not quite. I sell things on Ebay, and collect payment though Paypal. There is a new law in place in the US that requires Paypal to report to the IRS your sales IF and ONLY IF your sales total exceeds $20,000 AND you have more than 200 transactions to get to that total.

The RMAH is essentially the same as Paypal, and would fall under the same guidelines. As far as I can see.

Then are are committing income tax fraud, sir.
It is YOUR responsibility to report income from any source. If you fail to do so, you are breaking the law (income / IRS law debate, aside please).

PayPal just reports to the IRS to to cover their own backsides. But as an adult, you are supposed to report your income. This includes things like gambling income, lottery income, and "other" income. You might wish to read about Al Capone, and what law statute he was convicted. I'll give you a hint: it's not murder or drugs or prostitution.
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I really hope this gets significantly increased.
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05/04/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Bashiok
We have a cap in place for multiple reasons, most of which are related to legal and security concerns. It's a flexible cap, though, and we could very likely adjust it as we monitor the RMAH service and how people are using it.
And by monitor you mean see how many of the first people to clear inferno go sell the goods on 3rd party sites because the limit is too low, right?
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How am I supposed to make a living on this game like the other millions of people? If I can only put up 10 items at a time for $250 each, that's only $2500/day, or approx 75,000/month. How can I live off this Blizzard!? Please tell me!!
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05/04/2012 07:16 PMPosted by Bigwheat
The incentive would be that you could sell for roughly 15% or 30% less and still receive the same amount of money.

Those people are morons as they would make more profit selling those items on the RMAH.

Using my example of $20 dollar items on the RMAH, if you turn around and sell it on a 3rd party site at a discounted price of being 30% cheaper, you're selling that item for $14. That's 6 bucks cheaper than the RMAH, so you easily get a buyer. After the black market site takes their cut, you'd be lucky to get over $12.50.

If you just used the RMAH, selling a $20 item for $20 dollars, after the fees you end up with $16.15. You actually lost money by providing a 30% discount on a black market site instead of just selling it on the RMAH. That's just plain stupid. Do you actually despise Blizzard and their fees so much that you'd actually take a loss on profits just to ensure they don't get any of the proceeds? Haters gonna hate.

Oh, and just fyi, if I used the minimum amount you suggested and made the discount 15% instead of 30%, you still end up with less money than you would have had you just used the RMAH.

There is no incentive for sellers to use black market sites since the only way those sites will be able to compete is if the items sold are at discounted prices, with the obvious exception of items valued over $250.
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Also I don't see any of these 3rd party site supporters understanding that the really rare and high value items are probably going to have some sort of internal unique identifier. If such a rare item were to suddenly dissappear and reappear in another account - after having traded hands through a middle-man account, with which an internal log never showed any regular interaction between before said transaction, one might logically believe some 3rd party selling was going on.

Pair up the fact that Blizzard isn't ignorant to the sites that will be selling such items, and they need not make too many examples, just have a few people get burned on some very large scale transactions and the desirability of circumventing the RMAH will drop signifigantly.

Don't think they'd do it?


I mean stop whinning about the cut anyway, you are being invited to have the potential to make some money off a video game you bought for FUN, (hopefully anyway), by the developer, in a totally sanctioned enviroment, please cry more.
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