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Weapon choice: Spirit Gen vs Spirit Dump

So obviously dual wielding with fast attack speed is the way to go when generating spirit but what about when spending spirit?

Since most of the skills are based off of Weapon Damage wouldn't it be better to go for something really slow and hard hitting when using something like 7 sided strike?

Ex: 7 sided strike does 111% Weapon Damage per strike (unruned) would you not want something like a really slow Diabo that has a slow swing speed but damage damage per hit over a dagger that may have lower damage per swing but greater dps?

Is this correct or is there another factor i'm missing/ that's not the way things work??

Edit: Also is there a cooldown when changing weapons?
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Its a pretty simplictic idea.

Faster weapons will have lower damage. So even though your DPS is the same. You will generate spirit more quickly but at the cost of your spenders doing less damage.

2 handed weapons will generate spirit more slowly, but your spirit spenders will hit much harder.

DPS can be the same with duel wield as a 2 hander but the outcome shows when you decide to spend that spirit.

So the question you must ask yourself.

Do I want to hit hard but less often?


Do I want to hit softer but more often?

This will differ in play styles and your builds. Plan accordingly (^-^)
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Well wouldn't it be possible to switch weapons mid combat and get the best of both worlds? Of course this involves more time in your inventory and micro managing.
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04/25/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Kaplosion
Well wouldn't it be possible to switch weapons mid combat and get the best of both worlds? Of course this involves more time in your inventory and micro managing.

It is for this reason why they took out the "W" swap weapons.

1. Bashiok or Jay, (can't remember who) said that the weapon swap was to confusing for most players....

my response "REALLY?! Wow!"

2. Abuse of the resource. example is exactly what you said. Start with quicker weapons to build resource then switch to just nuke down the enemy then switch back.

If you wish to leave your inventory open and do this manually, blizzard wont stop us. But then how efficient is that to do every time? Or how safe would that be in Inferno?

I can see a boss fight allowing this. Build up, swap, burn, swap back and build up.

With only 1 target to worry about it makes it much easier to perform.
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Actually for certain skills it kind of balances out.. I undertand that the channeling tick on tempest rush for example is based off your APS soo dual yielding burns through spirit faster than 2 handed weapons.. what I am not sure is if this means you hit things more often as you pass by.. no idea to be honest.. I think not.. if anyone could confirm this it would be awesome..

I also think that the recovery time after a spender is based on ASP.. meaning you string things faster without much recovery time on most spenders.. what I am not too sure about is DOT skills like sweeping wind.. I am hoping that it works based on DPS damage and not raw damage. or maybe its damage tick is based on APS and is diferent from the skill active time?
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Read this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3424908246#new-post

Additionally, if you choose to use an orb, every wizard Orb (and witchdoctor Mojo) comes with +dmg on it. So if your mainhand does 8-10 damage at 1.4 speed, and your orb adds 3-4 damage, then that means you're doing 11-14 damage at 1.4 speed. In many cases the orb + the stats on the orb completely closes the 15-25% DPS gap between 2-handers and 1-handers.

Add on top of that +dmg from your rings and amulets, and currently with internal tuning numbers (this may not be how we ship), but 1-handers + offhand out-DPS 2-handers almost all of the time. It takes a luckily rolled 2-hander to out-DPS most 1-hand + offhand setups if you can also spare some +dmg on your rings and amulets.

This is in regards to skill usage.
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