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Dodgy Monk build

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Interested in seeing if this would be a viable build. Max dodge with all the procs up would be >86%.

-Dashing strike followed by cyclone strike to max out dodge and pull enemies in
-AOE damage then from cyclone strike / backlash / sweeping wind
-Build Spirit back up and BoH

Great dodge and synergy with Backlash
Good survivability
Can use dashing strike to get out of trouble

Single target DPS is a bit weak
No CC for harder difficulties
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Just a quick note on stacking dodge:

your dodge calculation is way off!! you will never get more than 75% dodge!

1-100 dex = .1 dodge per=10%
101+ dex = .025 dodge per= 10% for every 400 dex

Also you calculate dodge like so:

If you got 15% dodge and 10% dodge, subtract from 1 (for chance to hit you) then multiply.

(1-.15)= .85
(1-.10) =.90
.85 * .9 = .765

So they have a .765 chance to hit you, or a 23.5% dodge chance.

Another good example for monk dodge, i just came up w/:

900 dexterity= 30% (.7 chance to hit)
MoE = 15% (.85 chance to hit)
FoT=16% (.84 chance to hit)
Dual weld passive= 15% (.85 chance to hit)

Using these numbers:
.7 * .85 * .84 * .85= .42 chance to hit = 58% dodge

So something like a 76% dodge chance will give you 58%.

Just a heads up
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Hmm should have not it wasnt additive! Either way its still a good amount of dmg reduction.

Was also thinking you could replace BoH with Eploding Palm / Essence Burn:

Should end up with some nice aoe procs. Still probably weak on elite packs and bosses though.
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I had a similar post and idea to you down the page and here's what I came up with :)


Take out the vortex since it doesn't really fit here...try out blinding flash. Blinded enemies will have lower chance to hit - higher chance for you to dodge! ;) You're gonna need some healing and unfortunately, more spirit regen than you think. BoH + infused light will top you off in your time of need.

I think you're not going to be able to pull off all of your skills and then use fists to build it back up...if you can, more power to you! But a good idea is to come up with a combo or a set order you're going to push the skills with the fists more often than once per round.

You can see my post down the page for my advice and information about dodge%.
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I like the idea of the vortex, hopefully once its up it is easy to keep up. I see what you mean about the spirit though, I have only played a few hours of open beta as i was unlucky with getting a closed beta key so its a bit hard for me to judge what will work well.

Perhaps something like this will work a bit better:

Also I'm not sure on the hit mechanics with flash of light, does 30% to miss affect dodge? Coming from a wow background the hit roll was miss>dodge>parry>block>hit, i assumed it would be something similar so that a miss is not the same as dodge, but happy for someone to correct me here.
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