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Will you dual wield or use a shield?

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Sword + Shield i like the thought of like a gladiator tank. Just sounds sick.
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I'm either doing 2h or some combo with a shield.

It will also depend on what drops tbh. I plan to farm, but I have no clue what to farm for at first. I think having a shield to fall back on would be a good idea, but if a good one never drops, then I can just use the 2h and continue farming.

No point in going to Inferno if you don't have anything that's good enough for it. I fear there are going to be people going into Inferno not geared enough for it, then cry about it being too hard without coming to the forum to ask for advice on what they ought to do about it.

We all know the simple answer will be, "Farm little grasshopper, it's all you can do. Oh and your build sucks, use this or this cookie cutter and you'll be fine."

Shield might be great later in Inferno, but honestly, I won't know what will be best for me at that point until I actually experience it all for myself. I need my own experience to make a decision like that, but at the start I plan to do 2h in normal, and take it all the way up to just before Inferno so I can farm for gear and what not.
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Dual wield axes is my ideal, but it seems the hardest theme to make effective since you basically have to have to weapons around the same level.
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05/06/2012 09:41 PMPosted by Ruibarian
I'll be using a 2 hander or dual wielding as often as I can, but if I get the epic shield drop, I'll probably use it. In a game that is dependent on random item drops I feel like we get much less of a choice int he matter unless we want to give up some power level. Which some players may, but I'm more of a "follow my best piece of gear and keep around a bunch of different sets if I ever want to change specs" type of player.

I agree completely. I think most people here will do the same, but this is mostly a discussion of ideals.

Regardless, thank god we aren't using the D2 skill system in this game. I've been playing D2 again recently, using a Barb with sword specialization, and I came across an awesome hammer recently that I couldn't really take advantage of because I already had 20 skill points in swords.

Good riddance to the handcuffs that were the D2 skill system.
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whatever best drop is
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i guess everyone would agree with me that in order for us to find if dual wield or two hand or one hand + shield would fit our preferences , we basically have to explore and play the game first hand and then take it from there . agree ?? XD
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90 Undead Death Knight
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DW w/ Frenzy seemed unstoppable in Beta ... was that just me ?
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