Diablo® III

"Tactician" Build


The idea is to be able to use discipline offensively and defensively while being able to control combat. This will be one of the first builds I attempt to use for 60 Content.

  • Impact(Impale) and Fan of Daggers(Fan of Knives) to provide stuns to keep combat under control.
  • Choking Gas(Smoke Screen) and Action Shot(Vault) are there to combine mobility with damage as a viable discipline dump.
  • Suppression Fire(Multishot) and Vengence/Night Stalker are there to keep discipline generation fluid.

Potential Changes (These would be depending on how I feel about the ability after using it)

    Swapping Suppression Fire(Multishot) for Flying Strike(Rain of Vengence): An additional no-cost stun, if Suppression Fire(Multishot) ends up being too costly (Hatred wise) or not worth the Hatred=>Discipline Gain more often then not, this may be considered.

    Spray of Teeth(Hungering Arrow) is up in the air, however from looking at our other options, I feel it is the best trade off in single target/AoE for trash clearing.

    Choking Gas(Smoke Screen) for Undecided Rune(Caltrops) is a real possibility again, depending on discipline generation, if this were to happen then the Tactical Advantage passive would be swapped out for Cull the Weak, Numbing Traps, or Archery.

    This build makes some assumptions on the discipline gain from the two passives Night stalker and Vengeance, if these prove to be underwhelming then this build is subject to change.
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well you covered exactly what i would say about night stalker at the bottom. i personally would replace either ss or vault with preparation. i really dont see the need for both and prep would allow you to use whichever you choose more often.
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I am torn on this to be honest, from what I have seen you can smokescreen while CCed (You are still CCed), but Vault is the preferred method of staying mobile.

I think that everyone knows that every build is subject to change, based on play style, companion/group, weapon availability, etc. But the concept behind mine, assuming discipline generation is going to be able to sustain it is solid.
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well with tactical advantage you still give the movement increase, personally i probably will be using vault pre hell maybe even through hell. but in inferno cc is probably going to be the biggest threat and then ss will become a must imo. i could also be wrong, maybe having both is more viable in this build. wont know until we actually have the game

edit- im pretty sure ss breaks cc doesnt it? theres been a couple threads on it and that was the general consensus which was easily tested in beta (i just never tested it myself)
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05/02/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Cronos
edit- im pretty sure ss breaks cc doesnt it? theres been a couple threads on it and that was the general consensus which was easily tested in beta (i just never tested it myself)

That is also what I have heard and seemed to be the case, but it's possible my fear just wore off at about the same time when I used it in beta.

You have a lot of active attack skills, I would think about trading in FoK, despite how much I like the skill, for a bat companion or MfD, I think the bat companion would help the most as multishot is pretty expensive and if you're using your discipline offensively as well you want to be getting as much as you can.

Because you aren't doing a crit build for this I don't think spray of teeth is the right rune to go for. I think scatter shot or devouring arrow will give you better damage. If you are wanting aoe on your generator then take a look at bola with volatile explosives, 14 yrds with 110% dam is nothing to sneeze at on a generator.
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If anyone actually bothers to read the patch notes, they do in fact say that SS breaks you out of any CC and makes you immune to them for the duration.
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