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Max damage build?

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I was just messing around with the calculator and i just decided to choose skills that are +dmg% with this build. I calculated about a total of +439% weapon/holy dmg. Slap on the Skorn legendary axe and you get 2924-3864 for the final strike. I set up the buttons in order so everything would be timed correctly, as some +dmg skills are only 3 seconds long (thats why i didnt choose 7 sided strike). I really dont think this build would work in hell or inferno without support skills. I didn't consider having enough spirit to pull off every single skill either.

Comments? Criticism?

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I don't really think full damage builds will be our strong suit. Monk has the ability to get so much armor and dodge without really sacrificing damage. It's like I said in another thread, you can do a build like yours and maybe have 500 dps, completely ambiguous numbers here, but I can get probably 300 or 350 dps while having 5x your survivability.
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Full DPS builds with no CC or Heals will fall short in Inferno.

Think about it from this perspective.

There are 1 of you and 20 of them. Without CC or Healing to help extendyour HP pool. There is no way your HP pool will out number the combined total of all of their HP.

Group play increases this so.

Now if the idea is in group play, you have 1 or 2 people focus'd on support. They CC and Heal you while you focus on pure DPS. Then there you go.

I would not recommend a pure damage glass cannon build for Inferno use until you have the best of the best gear to help keep you alive.

Inferno is going to be a grind fest war of attrition. Its less about damage output and more about survival.

This, i like (^-^)b
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if its a max dmg build you are going for i dont think anything comes close to a 3gen build.
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04/25/2012 03:51 PMPosted by edyrem
if its a max dmg build you are going for i dont think anything comes close to a 3gen build.

Oh, this again...
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This is my 5 skill combo monk. Theoretically it can deal out 2000% damage, if the +damage bonus from WoL and Blinding Flash adds on to total damage.


1. Mantra of Conviction +overawe rune for +48% damage for 1st 3 seconds
2. Cyclone Strike +Implosion rune +148% damage
3. Blinding Flash+faith in the light rune for +30% damage

+78% bonus damage added to the big strikes so

4. WoL +Wall of Light rune +462% damage (312% + bonus)
5. 7SS + Fulimination Onslaught +1581 % damage (888% +bonus)

Guardians path for +spirit generation
Exalted soul for +100 spirit
Trancendance for healing -this combo spends 235 spirit so it should heal at lvl 60 14k health

Massive Damage...If I have this added up correctly...this combo is like dropping a nuke.
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