Diablo® III


90 Undead Warrior
Darkness. Nothing. Pain. Eternal dark pain.

My name. In my head, someone calling my name.

"Abmis! Come forth! I command you!"

Agonising pain pulling me up to the voice. I desired, no, needed to go to the voice.

"Abmis! Come forth!"

Somewhere above me, the voice pulled me. I felt as if I were being torn in two on a rack.
But I felt a wall of earth and stone in front of me. I had to dig through it. I must go to the voice.

"Abmis! Come forth! Obey me!"

I dug for what seemed like miles. All the while the voice pulling me onward. Agony pulling me on. After a time , I could see a pale yellow light through the earth. It burned, but i could not stop. Go to the voice.

"Abmis! Come forth!"

By the time I could smell the first hint of stale fetid air, I was angry. How dare anyone call me as they would a disobedient child! But there were other smells in that air also. They made my stomach rumble in hunger.

"Abmis! Come forth!"

One more layer of rough stones, and I burst out into the light. It burns! Eons of darkness clouding my vision, I looked about. As my sight cleared, I could see a figure dressed in purple robes. He was holding a book in one hand and an ornately capped staff in the other. We were in some sort of crypt or tomb. Ancient moldering coffins lined the walls. I was on a circular platform in the center of the room. All around the platform was a shallow trough or mote. It was full of blood. I could smell it. At regular intervals around the platform were what looked like poor peasant corpses, hands and feet bound, recently slain. Some were still filling the trough.

I stepped to the trough, lowered my head and took a long draught of its contents. I could feel my strength returning and my pain lessening as I did so. I looked up at the wizard who had called me. I could see in his face the fear of what he had done. I could hear his rapid breathing. I could hear the sound of his quickened heartbeat. I could smell his warm fresh blood.

I took a step towards him. He raised the hand with the staff and yelled "Stop"
I felt a force push me back, gently, slighty. I smiled. This was no powerful wizard. This was some young fool who did not have the power to command or control what he had summoned. As I pushed through to him, he knew it too.


In the hills above the village of Railko there is the tomb of a long dead family. Noone knows who they were. Noone went there except tomb robbers anyway. Then a few years ago, a strange man came to town. He was asking about the tomb in the hills. One of the village elders , who remembered, told him where it was. Shortly after, several people from the village vanished without a trace. Three young boys found the tomb one day, and began playing in it as adventurous boys would. One returned, blubbering that thay had found a monster in the tomb. The villagers searched the country side for the missing boys to no avail. One of the missing boy's fathers formed a party to search the tomb, believing some boyish mischief was in play. Of five men , only one returned. He was delirious, screaming that the boy was right, as he was taken away to the nearest asylum.
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I like it! Pretty interesting perspective to take. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more of it.
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I would also like to see more of this aswell.
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