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I have never and will never shop at a WallMart. Mostly for how they treat woman employees and imagrates. Plenty of other reasons as well.

too late. wal-mart wins, and is not gonna miss a few bucks from 1 person. Yes they are evil and should burn.. but in their court, its a battle of riches that they WILL WIN.
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Do you guys know if all wal-marts will have it at midnight? i dont wanna go there and them not have it. I know of 2 wal-marts near me but theyre kinda ghetto so im not sure if they'll care about it.
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Mostly for how they treat woman employees and imagrates.

Lol what? You're not helping your argument here.
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I got Starcraft 2 at Walmart. Walked in at 12:10am with my friend, each grabbed a copy, then went and checked out. No lines, no hassle, plenty in stock.
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I don't shop at Walmart for any reason, and I hope that you don't, either. If you knew more about how they treat their employees (women and men) you'd perhaps agree. Most disgusting, however, is their acts of censorship over content. They have forced many artists over the years to modify songs, books, even games, to adhere to their "standards" in order to do business with them.

Please don't shop at Walmart.
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04/27/2012 08:52 AMPosted by Winterfury
I don't shop at Walmart for any reason, and I hope that you don't, either. If you knew more about how they treat their employees (women and men) you'd perhaps agree.

Do you personally know anyone that works at walmart? I do, and heard they were treated pretty well.

They have forced many artists over the years to modify songs, books, even games, to adhere to their "standards" in order to do business with them.

You know that almost every artist you ever listened to had to modify their songs to adhere to the "standards" of their own record labels?
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I like midnight launches because of the social aspect. It's fun to go hang out with a bunch of people who are interested in the same game as you are. I've even bumped into a few friends from high school that I hadn't talked to in years at midnight launches. Sometimes you meet some really cool people and have a ton of fun. Some places host tournaments for games or have prize packs or all sorts of things. It's just a fun place to be for last few hours before you disappear into a game you have been waiting for.
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Gamestop midnight launches are fun, that's why.
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Boycott Walmart? More like boycott Gamestop. My experiences with Gamestop have been horrible. Honestly the worst customer service and treatment I have experienced from any retail store, and that's from multiple locations. They also try to act like they know wtf they're talking about. For example, a couple of months ago the employee was telling my friend the game wouldn't be released in 2012.

Plus, where else am I going to get a screwdriver set, animal stickers, and a lion king picture frame at 12:00am?
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the only two websites that were still taking online orders for Diablo 3 collectors edition were walmart.com and bestbuy.com and today they are no longer taking any. target.com stop taking them a month ago. and newegg.com stopped a week ago. and gamestop hasnt been selling them for many months.
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Just an FYI for all you walmart hating !@# hats. Ive been working there for almost 5 years. Not once been mis treated. Not once **##ed over or screwed around or "hassled" about my job.

I show up on time, i stock my freight help customers, sell cell phones. I DO MY JOB. Im not a manager, im just a regular associate. I like my job im quite happy with it.
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They have forced many artists over the years to modify songs, books, even games, to adhere to their "standards" in order to do business with them.

Please don't shop at Walmart.

The modified songs can make for some great hilarity.

The thing that has always cracked me up about Wal-Mart's reputation is that their practices aren't any worse than most big box retailers but hardly anyone notices that companies like Target do most of the same things. My wife used to be a Wal-Mart employee and I was a department manager at Target for a few years. With the stories we used to swap, I would have much rather worked for Wal-Mart instead.

For example, despite being part time (in the 25-30 hours/week range) at Wal-Mart, my wife was eligible for health insurance for herself and our kids (no spouses for some reason) AND also got a quarterly bonus if the store hit the right numbers. The bonus was pretty small (only ~$150 or so), but it's better than the nothing that Target gives. At Target, it doesn't matter how good the store did. Only the executive staff at each store (the top 8-10 people) got bonuses, employees MIGHT get lucky enough to not have their hours cut. Of course, that's assuming that district doesn't decide "oh hey, your store is running efficiently so we're going to cut the hours budget because xxx store isn't making payroll and the whole district needs to hit the numbers as a whole".

That's basically saying, "Hey you did a great job and your reward for it now is less money."
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People who boycott Walmart are so self-righteous.

The only thing wrong with Walmart is that they sell censored music.
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Just so you guys know - walmart and Target will only have 2-3 copies per store available the moment they open their store.
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04/27/2012 12:21 AMPosted by Nobody
To hang out and have fun? To enjoy the anticipation of a game that they've spent years waiting for with like minded people? To have a good time passing the few remaining hours before binging on the new release? Probably lots of reasons to do it.

Y'all sure have a weird way to put a spin on waiting in long lines. I hate lines just like I hate traffic. I own my own business and stay busy, so I try to save time whenever possible. Besides I would much rather be back home already, beer in hand playing the game than geeking out with a bunch of ppl I don't know in a line. This kind of reminds me of the live-action role-Playing game that kid plays from the movie Role Models.
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i guess i can understand that.
personally, on the 15th im going to want to get in and out as fast as possible so i can get home and start installing and playing.

just in case anyone out there was really hoping for the CE but gave up since most places have sold out of pre-orders, i advise you to check walmart on the 15th. i bought the burning crusade and WOTLK collectors editions from walmart at about 10 minutes after midnight on their release nights. no line, and no need to reserve.

What do we get out of the collectors edition ? if it's just a big pretty box to put on a shelf i'll pass.
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I've heard that Walmart makes you sign them as your benificiary so they get your money if you kick the bucket.
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I cant believe all the people boycotting walmart but saying they are going to gamestop when gamesstop pulls stuff like this


Look into this more. They pulled them because Square did not tell them they were adding it to the box, which they have to let the store know everything they're adding in the box, It was supporting another company that sells games, and Gamestop gave the people who picked it up a $50 gamestop giftcard. Walmart and other places might not need to pull the codes because they deal with other departments other then video games so they don't need to care about other business taking video game sales.
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i agree game stop is one of the most unscrupulous video retail stores around. that is why i don't buy from them anymore.

and they only gave out the gift cards, because they got CAUGHT! and everyone that found out was pissed.
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