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I'd love to go somewhere other than Walmart, but none of the alternatives in the area are having midnight launches. Since I refuse to pay the same for a digital copy as for a boxed copy, Walmart it is.
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Maybe they don't want walmart cause when your in the line to pay the game, some old lady infront of you buying cat food and milk is taking hours as well as its the only register open... You end up freaking out and throwing the cat nip at the floor. later you throw the milk at the security guard's face when he comes to see what the commotion is all about. When they drag you off to the little room they try to remove the game from your iron grip (this is where you bite them). The cops arrive followed by some men in white coats, they speak gently to you but you know the truth... YOU ARE THE WARRIOR OF LIGHT AND WILL DEMOLISH ALL EVIL. You take the security guard's flash light and beat the robed men and break down the door with your Thunder Strike. Dashing strike to the entrance and your free!

*rocks back and forth on his bed hugging his pillow while laughing*
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Because I hate everything Wal Mart does and stands for and only morons would go there. I would rather wait in line for Gamestop (not the best game retailer, but the best in my city) than give Wal Mart any money.
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04/27/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Orion
rather wait in line for Gamestop

And if you'd rather not wait, Gamestop is still allowing preorders...
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my question to the op is; why does it matter to you so much? live and let live, my friend. works wonders
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Hmm... I wonder if the local Fred Meyer's would carry any copies...
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buy digital --> play asap like a true nerd

and buy a CE later
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I bet OP is a Wal-Mart CEO
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04/27/2012 05:11 AMPosted by Snow
I have horrible social anxiety and I will get extremely nervous around the opposite sex. I haven't really ran into any at midnight release and the few that I do are always with an entourage, so I don't have to worry about them trying to talk to me. Yes I will have a panic attack.

yeah you should really work on combating that. I suffer from social anxiety, and I too got nervous around women, but I went for it anyway, and well I still have social anxiety, but I can manage it much better.
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Look into this more. They pulled them because Square did not tell them they were adding it to the box, which they have to let the store know everything they're adding in the box, It was supporting another company that sells games, and Gamestop gave the people who picked it up a $50 gamestop giftcard. Walmart and other places might not need to pull the codes because they deal with other departments other then video games so they don't need to care about other business taking video game sales.

I had never heard that, thanks for the info

However i agree with Sawndee:

and they only gave out the gift cards, because they got CAUGHT! and everyone that found out was pissed.

Just because they changed their minds doesnt make what they did any less wrong. Just like walmart is actively changing its policy to fix its public image.

Saying no you didnt tell us about this so we are taking it out is EXACTLY the same as selling the game to customers without telling them you took that out as if it were a brand new sealed game with all the content.

They could have just as easily not sold the game until they renegotiated with Square enix
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This thread would be 99 pages long if Snow had said something to the effect of "and since midnight releases are primarily male I will be getting the digital copy."
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<- Boycotts Walmart. So should you.

edit: Also, there are usually parties / free food at other midnight launches.

^ this
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.....cause I boycott Walmart.
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I don't patronize walmart.

Ever since they were caught sewing in made in the usa labels on their products. If you don't want to sell american i have no problem with that. Just don't pretend to be all american while you sewing on the made in usa labels in the back room. They don't pretend anymore, but i don't forgive.

Ya that was quite some time ago now, but that's whey they lost my business. Tho there are plenty of other more recent reasons to hate them...
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PS: wal-mart employs alot of people,
and despite whatever theoretical practices
you've heard* they have, those people have
jobs that they otherwise wouldnt.

So do sweatshops in China.

Just an FYI for all you walmart hating !@# hats. Ive been working there for almost 5 years. Not once been mis treated. Not once **##ed over or screwed around or "hassled" about my job.

I show up on time, i stock my freight help customers, sell cell phones. I DO MY JOB. Im not a manager, im just a regular associate. I like my job im quite happy with it.

How are the benefits? Got nice long vacations? Your $ per hour going up steadily? Getting important training for future growth? Forced to work part time or go home early often?
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04/27/2012 12:21 AMPosted by Nobody
To hang out and have fun? To enjoy the anticipation of a game that they've spent years waiting for with like minded people? To have a good time passing the few remaining hours before binging on the new release? Probably lots of reasons to do it.

This..and the fact that Walmart TRULY is the 7th ring of hell
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