Monk Skills, Displayed as if you were unlocking them in a D2 skill tree:

Lvl 1:
Fists of Thunder
Lashing Tail Kick
Deadly Reach
Blinding Flash

Lvl 6:
Tempest Rush
Breath of Heaven
Dashing Strike

Lvl 12:
Crippling wave
Wave of Light
Exploding Palm
Cyclone Strike

Lvl 18:
Way of the Hundred Fists
Seven Sided Strike
Mantra of Evasion

Lvl 24:
Sweeping Wind
Inner Sanctuary
Mantra of Retribution
Mystic Ally

Lvl 30:
Mantra of Healing
Mantra of Conviction

Not mentioned above:
110 Rune options
14 Passive skills


(edit: Give or take 3 levels for some of these since they're not exact)
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