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05/02/2012 06:37 AMPosted by Rogella
People like you are the reason super Christians tried to say Diablo (the video game) was corrupting the youth. O_O

Everything non Christian corrupts youth in their eyes.
Anyway, that desk is pretty cool for the "look at me, give me attention" factor, but it's quite terrible for actually playing games.
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That is pretty cool. Though be careful with so many candles that you don't start a fire.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
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This is by far the ugliest thing I've ever seen. What, are you like 12 years old?

Pestle and mortar, what does that have to do with diablo? Is that a grinder for your herbs?
you have dead plants in jars. you sharpie'd some cardboard and put it next to your keyboard.

you melted wax onto your desk.....

dude, just get a couple of candles, some incense, turn off the lights and enjoy it

The mortar and pestle have been used for thousands of years to not only grind herbs, but to make dyes, medicines, and spice mixtures. It fits well with the Diablo theme. Also, the wax is really easy to remove off of a desk. Sad that you don't have an imagination, so you have to bash others for their creativity.
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85 Worgen Druid
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Really, this is a great theme. Good work and you should come up with desk themes for more then just Diablo. You might be looking into something bigger then just your simple desktop wallpaper.
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90 Pandaren Mage
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My desk looks a lot like that, except without all that crap on it.
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My brain can not handle that amount of awesome.
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Really, this is a great theme. Good work and you should come up with desk themes for more then just Diablo. You might be looking into something bigger then just your simple desktop wallpaper.

Hmm tell me more
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05/02/2012 10:04 AMPosted by telestasis
OP needs to get laid

Oh, let me guess, you must be quite the player and have intercourse with girls twice a day?
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Holy DIABLO, this is ridiculous and amazing. The candle wax stalactites/icicles drooping down from the front of your desk are so cool!

One does not simply "play" Diablo 3. I love it!
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You'll be ready to play Diablo when you get all that !@#$ out of the way.
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It's funny how polarized the responses are to this thread. People have a hard time respecting others' hard work without a pragmatic result.
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So much blatant negativity. O_o

I freakin' love it! Visually it's a gorgeous set-up (the wax on the desk is a nice touch, really cements the idea to the physical aspect).

I would change a few things- most notably putting the Book of the Blind poem on the parchment instead- but only minor things to customize it to my own tastes.

Dark and moody, visually it's a wonderful representation of the "mood" for the game. And if it's viable to play at that set-up, all the better!
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05/02/2012 10:33 AMPosted by Toaststore
change the wallpaper you got a skyrim themed desk!

Haha, I was thinking so too while I was picking herbs. I wandered a good ways into the woods while thinking about whether or not it was too skyrimmy and then suddenly happened upon a half-naked hobo sitting on a rock. Nearby was a haphazardly made shack with a giant confederate flag, and there were tied up half filled garbage bags everywhere.

Long story short it was quite the adventure.
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Al Simmons approves of this.
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What does your girlfriend think of that?

Get it ?!?............
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
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That's pretty cool don't know why everyone is hating
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