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How do you wield two crossbows?

I can't seem to figure out how to use two 1 handed crossbows. How do you do this? Out of all of the classes I ran the beta with, Demon Hunter actually felt the weakest, contrary to what others have said. I found the Wizard the most OP, and Barbarian next. Doesn't matter as I have been salivating over the Witch Doctor more than anything else since they announced the class, but still want to understand what I am missing here with the Demon Hunter.

Can anyone shed some light on it for me? :)
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Make sure the item you are equipping is "hand crossbow" and not "2h crossbow", then just equip one on each hand?
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Yeah it won't let me, I can put a quiver in one and a 1 handed cross bow in the other, but not a 1 handed cross bow in each unless I am missing something.
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I really have no idea. There was someone with the same problem a while back. Can you provide screenshots?
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I may be mistaken but I think you can equip 2h crossbow and quiver. So OP might be trying to equip a 2h crossbow and a hizzy
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04/27/2012 12:18 AMPosted by Jaybonaut
I can't seem to figure out how to use two 1 handed crossbows.

Look at your crossbows carefully. There are 2-handed crossbows (that you can still equip a quiver with, but nothing else in the left hand).

If it's not that..the only other thing I can think of is that maybe you're trying to right-click in the inventory to equip both crossbows? If so, right-click to equip doesn't work for offhand weapons. You have to click on the crossbow you want in your offhand, drag the cursor to the left-hand/offhand slot, and click once more to equip it there.
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You cant wield two crossbows... but you CAN wield two hizzies
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Did you try hold down left click and dragging it over the quiver slot?
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your doing something wrong, cursor over the item and make sure its 2 hizzies
if it doesnt work then the hizzy gods smite you
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What Catiane said. You can't just right-click the 1h crossbow, that will default put it in the mainhand slot. You have to actually drag it over your offhand. On a side note, if you can't even figure that out I think the problem is more with you and not Demon Hunters being underpowered.
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I doubt he has a hizzy since no such item exists.
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