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Build for kicking butt in inferno, 8450% dam

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lol @ comparing a basic Wizard skill to Earthquake
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The build isn't terrible, the way you are proposing to use it is terrible. You should not ever be -trying- to get your health down to 20%.

Replace battle rage with a fury generator and try to prevent yourself from reaching 20% and when you reach that point you can seismic smash to your hearts content. I recommend frenzy with triumph so you can regenerate if you start to fall below 10%

Feel free to blow your load at the 20% point and kill -everything- on screen, but I actually recommend staggering your cooldown ability usage between fights. 30 seconds per fight is considerably better than 90.
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What did I just read...worst build I've ever laid eyes on
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Your math makes sense, and this *might* work.

But not in inferno.

Why? Because DPS isn't the only factor that contributes to difficulty, especialy in inferno (most liekyl). YOu get hit by any stun/disable effects while going down to 20%, you will probably die. You take a single BIG hit before 20%, you die. God forbid some of the enemies you try to earthquake have thorns or something similar. Not to mention what happens agaisnt any boss enemy you can't kill in under 7 seconds.

But against raw DPS enemies, sure, why not. Though as noted, 90 second waits between packs will be very boring :p
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The miss here is the comparison to 100% barbarian health. The math is just fine, but 100% barbarian health will in no way, shape, or form be good enough to survive more than 1-2 hits in inferno. Defensive passives, skills, and consistent life leach will be completely necessary.

I do appreciate the OP's pointing out how useful the combination of defensive skills can be, but in reality I think it will need to be in addition to as much other survival skills and gear as is possible - not a primary path to doing damage.

As in D2, the barbarian will need to be replenishing health very, very quickly. Just looking at how many "Oh S%&$" skills he has is certainly a big hint.
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I'm in serious doubt of the notion that a 100% health barbarian cannot take more than 2 hits on inferno. To look at the scenario from another angle, let's assume the barbarian has 70% damage reduction from armor/passive/whatever.

That would mean that he would take ~7 hits before dying using his effective health. Given that enemies tend to appear in packs of 5 or more, that would mean every fight would end near instantaneously.

While I am aware that some enemies in diablo 2 could do this, they were not the norm, and if anything blizzard is likely to make it more viable not less to melee in higher difficulty settings to prevent people from being pigeonholed into certain classes. I do not know what the actual number is going to be, but its pretty safe to say that a -properly geared- barbarian should be able to withstand several rounds of hits before falling.

My wager would be closer to 4-6 hits for each 100% chunk.

Using 4 hits as the standard, each enemy would hit for roughly 7.5% of his health. Once he gets knocked down to 20% this would change to 3.25% and when he pops ignore pain this value would drop again to 1.4% Assuming he was fighting 5 enemies at once this would provide him with 3 seconds to live.
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In consideration of the word that this mode is designed with the intent that it cannot be beaten, I must say that the build you have developed is of great interest to me.

Your method seems sound, barring any circumstances that allow for massive crushing blows at distances greater than the player view distance, particularly in boss battles, this could very well be a viable Inferno setup.
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