Hello fellow Demon Hunters!!

As of yesterday morning I've officially been partnered with YouTube under TGN. Those who don't know me, I was one of the first people to cover Mass Effect 3 in full before all the major networks, and I did so alone - without partnership - from the midnight release to that Friday, providing HOURLY 15-20 minute videos documenting the journey. Recovering from the strain on my physical and mental health/endurance took some time, and the cost to me (time off, internet upgrade, etc.) has been great, but it's finally paid off!

I'll still be active in all of the communities, and I'm gearing up to do the same thing for Diablo 3! During the open beta I proved I could get entertaining videos out every hour, providing comedy, commentary, game player, and more!

Check me out, you won't be disappointed!!

Diablo 3 Open Beta Playlist:


My Channel: