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Is there an audiobook version coming out any time soon?
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Deckard Cain is a basket case that makes everything up as a way of making himself feel important. He's pretty much a mix of John Edward and Sylvia Brown. I'm sure that there is a perfectly scientific explanation for the events in Sanctuary that does not involve anything paranormal.

According to some sources, he's not even Leah's actual uncle; he simply stole her from her real family when she was just a little girl and has been lying to her since.

Don't trust Deckard Cain!
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Go to YouTube
Look up Diablo 1 cinematics
Repeat for Diablo 2
Find out what happens! :D
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Read it a few months back, may read it again between end of closed beta and release.
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I just picked up my copy of Book of Cain last night, and it's friggin' amazing. I absolutely love this book, love being steeped in the lore, and the map in the envelope inside the back cover is awesome. It's some of the best $35 I've ever spent.

It's my hope the game itself has this degree of story immersion. I love swatting monsters and standing in a glistening pile of gore by the time I'm done, but I want to do it in the framework of an awesome story. ;)
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Book of Cain is a must-have if you want to get a succinct, yet very flavorful overview of the Diablo universe. It takes you from the dawn of time to the creation of Sanctuary, including breakdowns of the hierarchy of angels and demons.

It's a great bit of story too, as it's from Deckard Cain's point-of-view, meaning the lore isn't exactly laid out in an omniscient way. It's documented as best as possible by a character within the lore.

If you like Diablo artwork, this book is visually stunning as well. Check out BlizzPlanet's review (with pictures): http://www.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/diablo-iii-book-of-cain-8-page-preview

It was a great read. I had no idea the diablo universe had that much depth.

A great way to kill an evening for anyone dieing from the long wait.
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04/27/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Valrix
Maybe I should edit my question. What I want to know is if I will know enough about the game that when I play Diablo 2 for the first time I know what the hell is going on. With some background knowledge of the first game.

It gives you the background...what happened in D1, what happened in D2, up until now..generating hype to what will happen in D3. The book of Cain is basically a journal of all his findings throughout the years explaining everything in great detail. It is from the point of view of Deckerd and his intentions are to pass off every bit of priceless information to Leah.
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If you have feedback about The Book of Cain, there is a blue post over in the Story forums asking what people would like to see in the future. So if you liked the book, but had a couple suggestions...make sure to get your ideas in that forum thread.

You never know. Your idea may get implemented :)

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I got the book of Cain and it's a win. Great job. The art is wonderful and the information is sooo insightful. I pre-ordered the Collector's edition and the collector's guide from gamestop (my place of employment) and I cannot wait. Diablo was my very first game when i was 2 years old (what was my dad thinking). I just cannot wait!
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I like it because it has Andariel with nipple chain.
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