Diablo® III

Tyrael vs. Imperius

What we know:

-Tyreal is fighting with the spear

-Imperius is fighting with the spear

-Diablo is fighting Imperius

-Tyrael vs Imperius happens

-Tyrael's tabard is dark when he fights imperius, and bright white when he's holding the spear

-Diablo has multiple heads

-All the angels/demons are originally from the same being

-Diablo is the final boss

What is suspected:

-Tyrael versus Imperius happens before the game, resulting in Tyrael being the fallen star

-Imperius is the 2nd to last boss

My theory on how it all goes down.....

-Diablo escapes the void by absorbing the other primes, and possibly some of the lesser evils becoming a "super diablo", explaining the multiple heads. Possibly has something to do with the black soulstone, but maybe not (I think it's more likely the black soulstone will be one of the lesser evils attempts to do what diablo is doing, in a race against diablo)

-Super Diablo invades heaven, beats Imperious down, and somehow enslaves him (only way I can see Imperius both fighting Diablo, AND being a boss later on...)

-Upon beating Imperius, he monologues a cheesy redemption speach, tells tyrael he was wrong, warns him about how strong diablo is, and then Merges with Tyrael to try and make a celestial being strong enough to counter the super diablo (Explains Tyrael's color scheme shift, his holding the spear)

Still we dont see Tyriel using El'druin while firghting Imperius, so we can asume he dont have it cause it is destroyed or something, so the fight between them didnt happent before game :) Still i dont wanna think Tyriel is bad guy, but i belibve Imperius pwned diablo , then Tyriel merged with Diablo :P and he is final boss....Still we see that Tyriel destroy something with Solarion, it must be Diamond gate entrance.

And we forgot something , we are main cars in game, we will kill last boss not Tyriel, so i dont belive Tyriel merged with Ipmerius just to kill diablo cause we are the ones who will do it. Your teory is pretty intersting but i dont belive that killing diablo is done by super being but only by us. I can see we are killing super being, and that being is Tyriel/diablo merge. And i dont think Tyriel will do it cause he become evil, but cause he think he can contain Diablos esence within him for a greater good. If u look closely u can see that Tyriel is destroying diamon gate entrance, why would he do it is diablo is already inside , and if diablo already killed Imperius.

But again i think your teory is right cause i cant see way how could tyriel kill imperius.
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From what someone said in another thread (can't recall where it was), Tyreal is trying to bring the hero(es) to heaven for some reason. That reason may be because Imperius is out of control or because Diablo is invading. Either way, Imperius would obviously not be a fan of mortals imposing on the angels' home so him and Tyreal would get in a scuffle about it. Him breaking the Diamond Gate may be necessary for mortals to enter the High Heavens.

All this was data mined I believe.
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05/01/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Epyon
(only way I can see Imperius both fighting Diablo, AND being a boss later on...)

except Imperius wants to kill all humans AND wants to defeat Diablo... fits his MO...
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Since one of the arts revealed that one of the acts of the game will be trhoughout the heaven itself, i must agree with Herby's statements.

The reason for the humans going into heaven is unknown though
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04/30/2012 03:17 PMPosted by Hellswraith
Tyreal and Imperious have been at odds because Imperious has wanted us dead from the get go...

Yea I know but I think its too obvious, thats why there has to be a plot twist. I think Imperious is out to destroy the denizens of Sanctuary at first but I think he'll finally realise that Tyreal is right and then when Diablo assaults the gate he realises his mistake too late.

Im hoping for an epic battle cutscene with Diablo, Tyreal , and Imperious breaks out..

I can wish cant I ??


Ohh snap my intution was almost dead on !! Ive been thinking this for a while and since we've prety much known it I was wondering a bit if its really true, but after that video we saw today Im really excited. Cant wait to see it all unfold !!
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05/02/2012 10:05 AMPosted by Herby
or because Diablo is invading.

And the Heavens shall tremble !!! Diablo is going to try and take over HEAVEN !! They showed us this wall paper a long time ago , hell its my desktop the past 3 months, but I never thought Bid D would be able to take over Heaven itself.. Something wiked this way comes !!!!

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FYI blizzard has made it clear that imperious is going to be a baddie to many people think that tyreal is corrupted... and if you do ur dumb
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05/03/2012 04:16 AMPosted by Stuart
FYI blizzard has made it clear that imperious is going to be a baddie to many people think that tyreal is corrupted... and if you do ur dumb

Tyreal is not corrupted, Imperious is not happy with the denizens of Sanctuary and wants them dead, Angels of Diablo lore are not the loving and caring people that they are depicted as in the REAL WORLD. Some of them (Imperious) want us as player characters of Santuary dead...

I saw a new video today with Imperious landing on a perch and a mass of Angels flying over him which appears to be Heaven invading Santuary to annihilate it.. This games gonna be epic..

Its a preview that is shown here Diablo III: Wrath - SPOILER warning if u arent aware if it yet ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z-zaOv0JnEQ
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That thrusting motion you see Tyrael do with the spear, he actually does it to break the ground with which he is standing. It is a seal. That's all I can tell you. Enjoy.
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God (*cough* Blizzard *cough*), all I ask is that Tyrael does not die. Idec if Diablo wins. Tyrael is too awesome to die.
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I'm pretty sure Imperius is the "bad" guy.^^

Tyrael was kicked out of Angiris-Council after destroying the Worldstone and Imperius is now trying to destroy Sanctuario as he demanded long time ago.
No there's much more need because of a destroyed Worldstone demons got no problem entering Sanctuario and enslave the mankind to use them again the high-heavens.
That's why Imperius crash as meteor on the earth (fallen star) and raise the undead as his armie to lead them versus demons and mankind.
Tyrael, who's weakened by destroying Worldstone is sealed anywhere on Sanctuario by Imperius and later saved by the player.
Then Tyrael is going to kill Imperius (with help of the player) to defeat the undead armies and save the world from the "angels". May adept some of Imperius power to create a new Worldstone in the end (like Inarius did long time ago).
Let's see if everything is correct.^^

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The Worldstone being destroyed changes little in terms of demons entering Sanctuary. Angels and demons alike have been after it for eons.

Also a new Worldstone can't be created, or shouldn't be able at least because it's the Eye of Anu (The Creator).
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But the creation of the World Stone came along with the creation of Sanctuary.

stated here: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Inarius

So there's maybe a way to recreate a new Stone.^^
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Inarius and Lilith have stolen the Stone and brought it to another dimension, where they used it to create sanctuary.
According to the new Lore, the stone is in fact, a spoil from Anu, its eye to be more specific.

I don't think we will be seeing any worldstone from here on.
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Neither Tyrael nor Imperius corrupt. They just have different opinion of us and different way of doing things. Fighting Imperius does not make him corrupt in my opinion.
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Four ideas to mull over:
1) Don't we have TWO eyes...The eye of Anu, the world stone, was one of them?
2) What if the Demons full-on invaded Sanctuary due to breaking open Mount Arreat. What if Imperious wont save the Nephlam from the large scale invasion? This causes Tyrael to fight with Imperious, take his spear, and break open the Diamond gates to FORCE the angels to help the Nephlam since they are exposed now as well? I think that fits all the criteria listed above.
3) I personally do not think we will fight Imperious. Imperious will fall to Diablo in the end defending heaven and Sanctuary and we will finish off Diablo with the help of Tyrael.
4) Diablo has two heads on his(her?) shoulders, likely being Mephisto and Baal transformed into Diablo by the Black Soulstone. There are 3 prime evils. This would be the closest form to the original prime evil, Tathamet, who had seven heads. Also, of all the 7 evils, Diablo resembles Tathamet the most.
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