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Health regen build

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Please critique!

it's not meant to be the build that does a lot of CC, but it gives plenty of mobility and health regen quickly!


Shadow power also serves when you know you'll be taking dmg to avoid most of it without having to escape the inevitable ( mostly for bosses or " oh !@#$ " situations )
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You're lacking AoE damage in this build. If you want to keep with the health regen idea you could pick up Cluster Arrow. One of its runes lifesteals. It isn't the greatest AoE, but better than what you have.
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You might think about taking FoK-retaliate as with all this lifeleech I assume you are planning on getting hit a fair amount. Also shadow power doesn't work that great without some big burst damage attack to take advantage of it's leeching.

Tbh I'm not sure how your build will play but I'm happy to see someone using shadow power as it seems most people are not incorporating it into their builds.
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Life leech/healing is crucial to survival in this game amongst all classes IMO, I'm glad someone made a build around it. Your build looks promising, as LtShaft mentioned you can add 1-2 AoE skills. I'd swap Elemental arrow with Cluster arrow. I'd also recommend swapping Impale's rune to Overpenetration, that way you turned it into AoE (kind of) plus you leech more life that way against mobs. Also more life leech from grim reaper than from Death Toll in mob situations I assume?
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Edit: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bZgjPd!eca!cbYcbb

I agree i was lacking AOE dmg. I'm still thinking about switching my Entangling shot rune for Chaing gang or Heavy burden as i feel i've got enough life leech.

Anyway thanks for the critiques, i'm definitly gonna try a build like that as i feel there will be very intense fights in Inferno that will include inevitable dmg to tank for everyone.
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