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Attack speed versus DPS

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Hello fellow Barbarians !

Is there a tool (or a way) to approximate the effective DPS of your character ? Let me explain, 1h axe (slow) with 10 dps versus a knife (fast) with 7 dps. Which one has the highest effective DPS (matched with your skills after Fury is generate). I know it's an approximation (since you can use frenzy etc) but i'm curious on how you guys approach those kind of situations since the knife could build more Fury (even if it's his dps is lower, it might be a better choice depending on your build). Attack speed is very confusing to me.

Thanks for help and sorry for my lousy english.
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The speed difference between a dagger and 1h mighty weapon is not much. 1.5 to 1.3

With the weapon master passive + 1h or 2h MW you generate an extra 3fury per hit.

Bash+onslaught rune would generate 15 fury per hit. 2 Bash with a MW generates same amount of fury as 6 bashes with other weapons.
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DPS simply is damage over time; it is a way to compare two items, apples to apples.

You can have two weapons, both showing 10 dps that are actually vastly different.

For instance, compare these weapons
damage: 1-17, 1.0 aps
damage: 8-10, 1.0 aps
damage: 1-12, 1.4 aps
damage: 4-5, 2.0 aps

All of these give you roughly 9.0 DPS, but they dole it out vastly different. The damage is a random number between the minimum damage output and maximum damage output, and each swing is determined by the speed. Some weapons swing slower, but with larger maximum damage. Some swing with many more attacks per second, but each individual instance of damage is lower.

The way you can compare all of these side by side is their DPS value. That is a normalized value for each. Again, all of the above are roughly 9.0 DPS. But comparing the damage and attacks per second give you a much different picture of each weapon and how it relates to your build needs.
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As it turns out, weapons thend to drift aroudn between tiers.

Ex, he lowest tier dagger is SIGNIFICANTLY more DPSy than the lowest tier axe, but he highest tier axe beats out the highest tier dagger.

You can do a bit of math to figure otu the answer to your question. Keep in mind that higher dmagae weapons spend fury more efficiently.

Heck, I made a spreadsheet:

Using unruned Bash and Hammer

Darkblade (top dagger)
DPS: 308
FuryDPS 60
Total: 369

Arch Axe (top axe)
DPS: 420
FuryDPS: 116
Total: 536
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