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another crit build... want others opinion!

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what do u think? Just got too much time waiting until 15 may T_T
I'm wondering if strafe is good enough or I'm better off with other abilities. As for vault i just like the mobility and it looks cool :P
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well first off will you be using hand crossbows for the 10% crits or the crossbow for another extra 50% crit damage? im not sure if cull of the weak is worth it with just caltrops also. steady aim would probably be more effective.

there isnt much information about nightstalker (mainly what % chance on crits it is to create 1 discipline) but even if its 99% (cause its obviously not 100% or it would not say chance on crits) i dont think you can pass up preparation.

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Strafe is better when surrounded by enemies? Why do you think that? I think strafe attacks one random enemy regardless of how many of them there are as long as one is within range. It's possible that the range is limited enough that SS would be a better choice though, just don't know.
I love SS, but one point against it is I don't think it works well with caltrops. If you wait to use SS til enemies are right on you then by the time they start chasing you again the duration on your caltrops is already half over. You could try to SS before caltrops is triggered but I don't know how enemies react to SS; do they just stop in their tracks, wander around, or keep coming to where they last saw you?

I think either one you go with, vault or SS, you should grab tactical advantage. The increased speed will help you move faster/farther while strafing which will mean more time to attack and a farther distance that mobs have to run to get to you.

I agree with chronos that cull the weak should be swapped out as it doesn't really work well in the build.

I'm not entirely sure how trail of cinders works but it sounds like only things in your path while you are tumbling will get hit, in which case I would say it doesn't benefit you much unless you plan on using it as something other than just an escape tool.
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they seem to wander around but it could be that they were going towards the templer. i never bothered to really check. as for strafe, i went back to watch the video and your right. i was thinking (by the animation) that it litterly shot in every direction randomly at the same time but it does focus target on mobs , so my mistake there.

as for ss not being effecttive with caltrops, .(while vault might be a little simpler) i disagree. you dont lay caltrops and then use smokescreen. you save smokecsreen until your having trouble keeping the mobs at a distance,(or your cc'd or you have teleporters) you then use smokescreen. get a little range in or a little extra damage if the mobs are injured. place down another set of caltrops right at the end and begin again. might want to consider tactical advantage though.
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It's just that although I see what you want with the caltrops+CtW, for me the +crit/sec makes an otherwise completely RNG build into a relatively stable build, which is almost always best.

Not an expert though, I could be wrong :)
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early game sharpshooter is great, end game it doesnt make that much of a difference. with 30-40% crits you will be criting virtual every second or every other second. and thus it will keep resetting and not cause any extra crits and you will get no real benefit from it.
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Sharpshooter seems to work best in, strangely enough, non crit builds. I could see getting a good use out of it in pvp though, your opening attack is a critted impale with grievous wounds, ouchy.

I still think that vault is quicker, easier, and cheaper, but I have to admit that in this case SS with tactical advantage while you strafe away dealing damage the whole time would be a pretty killer combo.
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Cull has to go, sure most mobs your firing at should be in the slow but it won't always be the case. Might as well go for a more broad strokes solution. IMHO Cull practically should be used only with chain gang builds.
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yea i could see sharpshooter being great in builds where you are focused on damage gear and have very low crits chance. then you get the full benefit.
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Cull the Weak is actually a very useful passive. If you're running a Templar in your group it becomes especially useful if you slap on his ability that slows any enemy that attacks him. That means you'll either be shooting at something that's slowed by him or, if it's chasing you, you'll likely have a Caltrops waiting for it. It's not too hard, even without ES, to get reliable slows in your build to build Cull the Weak around.
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