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Two builds, Tanky Aoe, single target 2hander

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This is the Tanky Aoe sword and board build, relies on lifesteal and the combination of War cry with the Invigorate Rune combined with Inspiring Presence for some major health regen. Leap is interchangeable with Feel no pain for harder fights. Opinion's? I am also considering swapping out rend and its over all weaker heal for Seismic slam for higher damage and utility

Effectively your moves would be Spam cleave, use rend/seismic slam to drop fury, maintain warcry buff for massive health regen, and use earthquake on cd. As a not I chose Chilling earth and gather storm to stop mobs from running out of the Earthquake Radius as thats apparently been a problem for most people with the skill



This is the Single Target Two handed build I plan to use for group settings where I wont always have my face being smashed in (I hope). It focuses on as Many flat damage increases as I can manage to make the best of the two handed weapons high base damage. If your wondering the Reason for taking Call of the Ancients over Wrath of the bezerker there are two, one The whole turn into ape man thing never appealed to me, second there are only two dps increasing stats on the ability and one of them is based upon RNG. So i opted for the three ancients runed for 20sec who are dealing together 180% weapon damage over there duration not including there special attacks. Though that 100% damage buff runed from wrath would be nice, still...I suppose Ill see what happens

So effectively your moves would be Frenzy for fury gen, spam Hammer of the Ancients, keep battle rage up, and use Overpower on cd for the crit buff, finally use Call of the Ancients, cause its awesome!
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Both nice solid builds

For your tanking build the provocation rune will net you more health in the end since it will proc twice as often and I don't think you need the fury as rend isn't something you'll be spamming and earthquake has such a big CD.

You will get more armor from tough as nails than from nerves of steel especially as a s+b tank.

I don't think inspiring presence is as good as the other defensive passives like superstition, relentless, or nerves of steel. You already have lots of life regen so making that life worth more will be better than stacking on a bit more regen.

For your other build you might not be a tank, but you are still going to get hit a bunch as you have to be in melee so I would build it a bit more defensively.

Drop CotA for war cry as you plan on using it in a group your party will thank you for the extra armor and whatever rune you choose.

Unforgiving gives so little fury that it really is only useful as a way to start fights off without an empty bubble, I would drop it for something else, probably tough as nails, but maybe relentless so you can spam HotA when you get down on life.

With killing spree, battle rage, ruthless, possibly weapons master depending on weapon, and HotA it seems a bit strange to not go for one of the other runes on battle rage that rewards for crits. Up to you but something to think about.
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