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Archery analysis with discussion


Just thought I'd crosspost in case any of you are interested.

TLDR: Handbows the weakest overall ranged weapons.
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haha i did something like this myself a couple weeks ago. they left our the point of equivalency between bows and crossbows which i believe was 33% (dont have the math on me atm).
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90 Draenei Hunter
Also depending if there are any special effects from crit on gear. Too soon to tell, but early on, hand xbows are slightly better due to the IAS from dual wielding vs. quiver IAS at lower levels.
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o.O that was horrible..

the post doesn't take into account weapon speed or damage ranges
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^ did you read the post at all?
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Of course. It's pretty apparent that 10% crit (only a 5% damage increase) is worse than a straight 15% damage increase. Unless of course you have spells that rely on crits like Impale/GW, HA/SoT, Elemental Arrow/LB which complicates things. Then again if you go by the beta, hizzys are pretty powerful in themselves compared to bows/xbows so it really just depends on what weapon you have at the time. I wouldn't abandon getting hizzys altogether just because the archery passive is better for bows - a better weapon is a better weapon. The high AS from dual hizzys also creates a multiplying effect on gear that gives straight +dmg that is actually very significant. As seen in the beta, 17dps balanced stake throwers with +AS actually give better dps overall than stake throwers that are 20dps+. AS is not something to take lightly.
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05/03/2012 12:49 PMPosted by LtShaft
Unless of course you have spells that rely on crits like Impale/GW, HA/SoT, Elemental Arrow/LB which complicates things.

That complicates things a lot. If the crit chance were say, 30%, which is on par with 15% increased damage, there would never be a reason to take a bow because the hizzies would give not only the same damage, but more procs on crits.

It's probably fine the way it is.
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05/03/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Geemsean
^ did you read the post at all?

it is horrible

05/03/2012 11:16 AMPosted by kyfin
weapon speed

yar, they used some benchmark, arbitrary sample of speed + damage
PURE bias

it needs to look at the sum of available gear IAS & +damage sources, which are not exactly known, to have practical use whatsoever
...let alone the effects of +hate regen/+discipline from hizzys, on_hit, on_crit

Speculation post = useless

I could have attempted to respect it had it been an idealized lvl 13 BEta DH, with perfect Dex gear and comparisons on perfect rare...

warden bow (7)
quiver (5)
rings (t3)
stake thrower (8)
2h crossbow (7)

...and even then it doesn't use items of all the same lvl, nor any lvl 60 skills, on_hit on_crit effects, ignores the possibility of more +damage on amulets or other pieces (including the quivers)

and still just beta info
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does anyone have any evidence on how the dh passives effect damage? or passives in general? additive? multiplicative? and how these things relate to damage bonuses from stats?

take the barb.. his berserker rage text is
You inflict an additional 25% damage while at maximum Fury.

compared to

the dh text..
Damage against slowed enemies increased by 15%
all damage is increased by 20%

curious why the language is different
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85 Tauren Druid
curious why the language is different

I guess it could have been said "you inflict an additional 15% against a slowed enemy"

but they are both passives,
and passive conditions typically are additive with each other

if the berserk rage turns out to actually be additional 25% for a skill, well then it should be stated "25% additional weapon damage"
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yeah seems strange though.. there's going to be a huge difference in damage between people using the damage passives compared to the utility passives..

welp.. just have to see i guess

oh.. and back to the main point.. straight damage+ should always be "better" than crit.. otherwise the skills with procs based on crit would be difficult to balance
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85 Tauren Druid
05/04/2012 03:47 PMPosted by kyfin
otherwise the skills with procs based on crit would be difficult to balance

possibly, depending on the actual value of the crit..

but even the DH has skills with some element of Cooldown; when dealing with that, large damage range (slow speed weapons typically) with controlled +damage% beat RNG APS style
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