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Best 1 hand weapon for barb?

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Since I will most likely go for sword + board barb, what is the current "best" 1 handed weapon for a barb? is it the legendary mighty weapon ? or legendary rare/crafted mighty weapon? Would axe have more dps than swords? I'm so confused with all these new items. Also, what is better ? legendary mighty weapon for a barb or a legendary weapon? Plz help me understand more of the weapons. Thank You for those who answered
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No one can tell you what the best 1h weapon is for a barb yet (or probably ever). First, most of the items are NOT listed on the website yet. Additionally, those that are listed don't have finalized stats. What I can tell you is that the *best* 1h weapon will almost certainly be of the rare item type. More than likely an item type that only drops in Inferno. As to whether an axe is better than a sword is better than a might weapon - well that depends on your build doesn't it.
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The best 1h weapon is the next drop. Forever.
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Maces have most DPS
Daggers fastest attack rate (for proccing)
Swords/Axes are in-between, with axes on the DPS side and swords on the ROF side.
Spears are basicly maces but with reduced damage (same attack speed) they seem to suck unless the full game has them spawning with some range or special modifiers.
Mighty weapons are basicly axes that can spawn with special barb modifiers.
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Whatever has the best dps combined with the best stats for the type Barbarian you want to build.

Taking into consideration that:

If you take Weapons Master as a passive, then whichever weapon type gives you the benefit you are looking for.

Also thinking about:

The way you generate fury and which fury spenders you use...and whether a faster or slower weapon will benefit you more.

And always remembering that:

You should think it looks really cool, whatever it is. (If I find a spear that I think looks amazing, I will find a way to make that spear work...even if I have a sword that would be 'better'. Within reason of course :P )
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