I plan on duel wielding mighty weapons or go might weapon/shield depending on how difficult inferno is. My build is mainly focused on large packs, leap in (stun or switch for increased armor depending on monster resistance to stun) generate high fury with cleave, use rend for health regen, and have revenge as back up damage/lifesteal. Lower the fury cost of Seismic slam should make easy to use often, and have war cry for mitigation (physical/magic). I don't really want to rely on cooldowns so I didn't really put them into my build. For passives I am banking on tough as nails being more effective then nerves of steel but I will have to play that by ear. Brawler for increase in damage since you will rarely encounter less the 3 mobs at one time. Weapon master to help generate fury along with reaping swings, mostly looking to lower the ratio of # of generator attacks to # spender attacks used.