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Well, it's not May 15th yet, so most of you are probably bored like me. Here's a fun way to kill a few seconds. How do you intend to fight your way out of normal difficulty?

The challenge is simple: Use only skills, runes, and passives that are level 25 or lower to create a build that you will use to finish a normal run through. Post your build, and a short explanation of your reasoning (no essays please). Make sure to include fun details like "Playing this barb with my wife's DH" or "Solo rushing normal" etc etc. Oh god, I'm bored.

I'll start!

This is what I'll run on Bnet public games after my first run through with my better half. Builds around the Berserker Rage passive you get at level 20. Only fury spenders are Battle Rage for damage, and Earthquake for the sake of having it. Leap is for fast progression between monster packs, Pound of Flesh is so I never have to stop.
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I will be playing solo hardcore for my first run through so i will be more defensive because death is not an option.
But i will be using a 2 handed weapon for sure.
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I like it. The movement speed reduction rune on Threatening Shout is a pretty smart move, probably gonna save your butt quite a bit.
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Leech and WW, I had it as a under 30 build but pared it down to 26, ignore superstition I just can't figure out how to remove it.

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Level 20 Max fury using a 2h mighty weapon.


The idea id to find a big mob leap+GS+rend, drop an EQ for elite packs and bosses.

Weapon Master passive for increased fury generation, berzerker rage for +damage at max fury.

Each bash should generate 15 fury.
Rend+Ravage extends area for bigger AoE. Rend 20 monsters, spend 20 fury, gain 60 fury.
Revenge +Vengeance is mine will generate +8 fury per enemy hit and great damage.
GS for stun
Leap for closing and escape.
EQ for a big damage dealer. +2500% damage at full fury.

Rend+Bloodlust can be switched out for healing.
Overpower can be switched out for EQ at lvl 26.

It a nice build with the goal is to hit hard and fast. The Rend +EQ combo can do 1200% damage in the first 3 seconds at max fury. (937.5% EQ+262.5% rend) It will do 960% damage if not at full fury. Still very nice damage.
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Luckly all my skills are available at 21 an most runes by 23. Bash will change from Clobber to Instigation for rapid fury gain, HotA may switch runes to Thunderstrike or stay Smash if mobs/bosses. Leap will become Call of Arreat to gather mobs but may latter may return to Iron Impact in harder modes. Furious Charge will become Merciless Assault when available. Threatening Shout will stay as is and Weapon Throw will become Throwing Hammer.


Idea is to make Shao Kahn, back when i first saw Barb i immediately thought Kahn whos my fav villain so def wanted to make him, once skills were released an i noticed i could actually make him i was stoked

Ending idea;

(Engauge w/ fury)
- Throw Hammer(spender) stun choice mobs
(Engauge without fury)
- Leap(Gen) into mobs, if Call of Arreat will pull mobs together making multi FC's possible (w/ MA)
- Threatening Shout(gen) debuff mobs (weaken +slow)
- Furious Charge(gen) 1-3 times depending on reset of skill due to MA
- Throwing Hammer(spender) stun choice mobs again or first time
- Bash or Two to gen fury (if needed/desired)
- HotA(spender) to finish mobs off, Smash/Thunderstrike for bosses/groups
- Repeat, throw hammer or leap into/next to, next group
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mostly likely using a 1-hander and shield.
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will probably 2h or 1h/shield. it's a bummer that furious charge gets no runes before lv25, but i want to have more than just one mobility skill.

(edit: ignore the Weapons Master passive - i accidentally selected one too many passives for this exercise.)

does anyone know how does bash work with dual wielding? do you alternate hands and get more attacks out of it?
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My build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bhXSeT!ZY!Z.a.a

I will always play in groups. And i will crush enemies heads with fury.

My build is focused in build fury fast and then use it with seismic slam and whirlwind.
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Glad to see the interest this has generated, I was worried when writing this up it would be viewed as lame =P.

@Leviathan: I like the theme. I always play my toons better when I have some kind of inner dialogue going for them. Also, impressive that you only need to be 21 to finalize your build.

@Myronastus: I think Cleave [Reaping Strike] is a must have for any build that wants to sustain prolonged Whirlwinds. Nice set up.

Here's the build I'll be using for my first playthrough.

I'll be playing this exclusively with my wife's DH, so I've chosen skills to slow and knockback. Ruthless and HotA are elites/bosses, and the main goal is to engage packs before the DH, spamming Seismic Slam as much as possible.
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