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Mock the build above yours!

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You're totally missing out on fetish sycophants with the corpse spiders spam.

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Locust Swarm and Haunt are unnecessarily redundant and forgoing both a Terror skill AND a Decay skill is a gross miscalculation.

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your build is very reliant on pets like mine if you cant resummon your in trouble i'm also not a fan of attacks that if your enemy moves anywhere but straight at you you miss like poison dart I guess grasp helps with that but some enemies are immune to slows and snares so might be difficult to pull off anyway this is my preliminary build i'm looking at its more of a fun theme build to run with 4 people and provide support thus corpse spiders which are a small ticking dot and slow that actually works on slow immune targets soul harvest to boost damage and fire bats for fire damage in case you come across a poison/physical immune mob. lets hope there's not any 3 resistance mobs

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i hear pets do scale well they get a % of your health armor stats ect i'm sure its damage is boosted by a high primary stat as well as weapon damage. Attack speed for the most part is a static number but the pets scale based on the dps value of your weapon to compensate for a static attack speed so a wizardspike doing 750 dps but having 172 max with a very fast attack speed would do the same as a great maul of butt kicking with 750 dps but 800 max damage and a slow attack speed. which makes sense so i'm glad it works that way
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Not completely sold on zombie dogs YET!
We'll see if they scale decently at later levels
I do like the ideal of turning monsters into chickens though,
just wished they had a rune for them to lay eggs.


Were you dropped on your head as a baby or did you have to really try to be this stupid?

You essentially turned your zombie wall into a gimped version of the Grasp of the Dead with a 25 second cooldown.

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Is that some kind of weird HC build? Otherwise I can't think why you would ever take Spirit Vessel when all it's giving you is a 2s cooldown on 2 abilities, one of you which you're runing so you only press it every 60s. Also how often do you plan on fighting enemies that last longer than 8 seconds, have you ever even played Diablo?

Have at it

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You're only damage dealing spell is Locust swarm with pierce of veil? You just had to maximize the mana cost didn't you? 254.8 mana per cast is ridiculous. Oh, and the only mana regeneration you have is health globes!? Even if you had 1250 mana, you would have to pick up two health globes to cast it again. Good thing you picked spirit vessel, so monsters can kill you twice for your stupidity.

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1 damage type???? yucky no thank you

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Man, are you going to be melee WD with those crappy bears and spiders? And the creeper rune is bloody useless. And PTV without some really heavy mana regen.... really?

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What you going to do when all your big stuff is on CD, spam your attacks till you go OOM, and no health globes drop? Ya need a controllable source of health and mana return for those "OH SH--!" moments.


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Hmm. I want to mock, I do, but I really like Vision Quest builds. The only problem I see is your Grave Injustice working against you. With 4 separate cooldowns, a cooldown reducer will only serve to confuse. May I recomend some bad medicine, pierce the veil... maybe a wafer thin mint?

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What, no spiders, bats, toads, or fetishes in a WD build?! Go play a sorceress! :P I want as many cool things on my screen as possible....at the saaaame tiiiime. Consequences be damned.


Edit: CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED! lol...mainly i wanna see the toad eat a chicken XD
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HEre's my super Garg build. You will never run out of mana!!

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05/07/2012 02:38 PMPosted by Minotaur
Wtf...cant you read? You're suppose to mock my build!

Sorry, I'll take a crack at it. :)

Wth were you thinking? 30% speed reduction for Haunt, one of the lamest spells in our arsenal. You can barely tell they're slowed down.
Why are the frogs there? For entertainment?
You think you have enough health globes. All of 5 percent so one out 20 monsters killed INSIDE the tiny circle will give you a globe. You probabaly have a better chance of getting globes by just destrying everything outside of the cicle.
Spirit Vessel, it is a dog suicide build, not a Kamikazi. It doesn't effect any of your cooldowns.
Why would you have devolution rune for Mass Confusion with no real tagetable AOE to kill all those mobs around you? Are planning on blowing them up with your dogs? Wouldn't you need the globes before blowing up the dogs for the extra damage, or you want the extra int for your frogs?

I didn't see you comment on my build. :)
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Yes much better haha.

In response to your build:

What is this I don't even...so for damage I heard basic melee attack is not a solid go-to. Also, sometimes I get confused and try to cast sacrifice irl. Your WD will have the same luck as me because neither of us have zombie dogs. As for the mana, youre gonna have blue balls, sure, tryin to cast spells that kill stuff but always comin away sans satisfaction. Idk, that's not my thing. I suppose its at least a half-way pleasurable ache, though, so go for it. I'd add the spell where a fetish slaps the soles of your feet with a wooden hairbrush to round it out.

How bout this for some splosion with a dash of Gargantuan?

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