Diablo® III

No matter what happens, Do not change inferno


weak strawberry generation.

all your gear should be painted in PINK. And have pillow fight in normal difficulty.
TBH he says the game is about the item hunt , but it isn't , the items are boring in this game.
Soon as I saw all the people crying over inferno's difficulty it reminded me of this thread that was made before the game was released =p
Why is there only an achievement for COOP Inferno mode and not Single Inferno mode? If you clear inferno coop, you get both achievements, but if you do it singleplayer you only get one of them. I think there should be an achievement for clearing solo.

On topic, Please do not nerf inferno, ever.
So true.
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It's just hilarious how many people cry before the game is even released for 1 week.
What? Inferno is hard as !@#$?!
I can't wait!

As I play through with my wizard, I don't care about gear, I don't care about levels. I want more challenges. I want to know that I survived the encounter not because I have phat lootz, or the best theorycrafted build online, but because I played like a pro, and nothing, not even the safety of designed encounters will cut me any slack.

I want the final difficulty of Diablo 3 to continue to challenge me 3 years from now. I don't want to beat Diablo 3. I want to play Diablo 3. Forever.
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