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monk's best unique fist weapon get nerfed...

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its significantly worse than most other types' best unique 1-handers, like swords, daggers, mighty weapons...
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Oh look, The Barb class' favorite whipping dog is here. Starting another negative thread about monks without knowing what final affixes on the fists are. News at 11.


Who said this is our best unique fist? ;) ;)
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thats because they have spirit regen on them, didnt see any barb weapons that ever did that

and for all you know high level fist weapons may have a bajillion more stats on them then other weapons, blizzard isent stupid
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What about this one?
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[/quote="48768388444"]What about this one?

I want these already

RMAH $250 to the first Monk to find them... I am saving up for them now.

$25 a paycheck each month. Should be like 10 months before we see these drop.
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I like how Shenlongs is just your fist...but Inu's Daibo makes you look godly. Only time will tell which I get.
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It's a good thing that we already know all of the affixes that are going to be on it right?
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[/quote="48768388444"]What about this one?

You should specify what DPS range you want... that's quite a large margin between top end and bottom end. :P
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The old properties were
256-263.7 dps
  • +11-22 arcane damage
  • +23%-24% damage
  • +.35-.39 attacks per second
  • +25-29% mf
  • +1 random property
  • Notice how most of these stats increase it's overall damage. Also notice that it used to have severely less dps but Blizzard went and buffed the !@#$ out of all weapons.
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    I believe Rare items will in the end be better than uniques anyway...
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    05/08/2012 01:03 AMPosted by beardface
    I believe Rare items will in the end be better than uniques anyway...

    They've pretty much said that, just like in D2, perfect top end rares will be better than Uniques... period.

    It's one of the reasons that crafting is going to be such a big deal...

    Sets might be a different story, though. Set bonuses could get pretty silly in D2 and WoW. We'll just have to see.
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    Please ignore all item stats.. They are not current and even if they were you have no idea how balanced they are in the game.
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    Seriously? HRB is back here tossing flames around? Who woulda thunk it.

    [I]ts significantly worse than most other types' best unique 1-handers, like swords, daggers, mighty weapons...

    And by that rationale, your Barb's "best unique" (I picked group from 1h Mighty Weapons) is more than 40 damage less than the one you listed as the monk's "best" unique. Just adding the highest damage modifiers listed on those incomplete stats:

    Monk, The Fist of Az'Turrasq, 506.7 dps + 468 damage= 974.7

    and Barb?

    Blade of the Warlord, 693.4 dps + 238 damage= 931.4

    Difference is 43.3.

    What's your point again?

    edit: clarified which grouping for Barb's weapon I selected.
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    Wow just wow!
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    So we are 1 day in, and already the "they nerfed me, it isn't fair" threads have started. I was hoping it would be at least a week before this happened
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