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ATI 12.4 Catalyst – Graphic Issues *Update*

I had the same problem with an ATI RADEON Mobility HD2600 XT, the light sources were pixelated.
I tried to use the 12.4a hotfix, but it didn't work.
I tried to rollback to 12.3 but it also didn't work.

I then tried to rollback to 12.2 ; i downloaded the drivers from here ( http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=359696 ), uninstalled all ATI products, rebooted in safe mode and used Driver Sweeper, then I installed Catalyst 12.2 drivers... and it worked ! The light sources aren't pixelated anymore.
Afterwards, i updated from 12.2 to 12.4a hotfix and it still works.
Hope it helps.
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are u sure NVIDIA GeFORCE GT440 will not work on D3?
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I have a HD 6970 lightning edition and I get game freezes left and right. It d/c me so its unplayable on my custom built rig. Running CCC 12.3 as I thought it would fix it but nope. Sad that I have to play on my laptop with a 460M graphics card in it to play D3.

I cant wait for the GTX 690 to be available long enough for me to buy. I think Im done with ATI and their drivers.

CPU:FX-8150 3.6ghz
Board:Crosshair V Formula
Cooling: Corsair H70
RAM: G.Skill Jigsaw 8gb 1600
SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 120gb (Boot drive)
GFX: MSI HD 6970 Lightning Edition
PSU: Thermaltake RX2 1000W

Here is rig if anyone has any suggestions on fixing freezes until 690

Snap! I have the same issue and the same GFX card.

I have an ATI HD6970 graphic card and I am experiencing problems that appear to be graphics related.

The game stops, goes blank as the gfx driver reboots and then continues after about 15 seconds. This happens about once every 20-45 mins. About 1 in 5 of these results in bad screen artefacts and fragments (blocks) all over it but the game continues to play.

About once an hour (sometimes as little as 15 mins apart) the whole PC freezes and needs a hard reset.

I have tried the following catalyst drivers:


All to no avail.

D3 is the only game/program this happens with and I have been using WoW on this PC for over a year with no issues. In fact the PC has not locked up ever until D3 was installed and played. The lock-ups do not occur when outside D3.
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I can't seem to download the 12.4 drivers no matter what I do.
Whether I try to download them from the Catalyst Control Centre, or go to the site and download them directly, all I keep ending up with is the 12.3 drivers "last updated in March".
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I had to rollback all the way to 10.3 for my crappy mobility 4200 card.

BUT, it works, and the game is playable with 25-30 steady fps.

The only thing that gives my card trouble is water effects, game gets mad laggy in water.
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ok guys here's how i did it, I got ATI 3870 on win 7 64bit:

3) went to device manager and right clicked on ati -> unistall and checked box remove driver also [edit: I REBOOTED]
12) tried catalyst 12.3 and works fine!!!!111oneone
13) at last... fml!

These are the steps I did... and it worked.

I did the same thing last night with my ATI 3870 and it worked! The trick seems to be uninstalling the driver from the device manager before trying anything else.
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I have an INTEL i7 2600k with a HD7850 and I am getting serious lock ups at the very start I cant even walk for 20 secs before it give me a serious lock up where the screen looks like a print screen snap shop and the sound is buzzing.

I've kept and eye on the temps and they are around 40-45 for the CPU and 35-39 for the GPU I do have a Corsair 550w PSU though which I am changing as it may be a power issue, I am reverting back to 12.3's but if I remember before I formatted my PC I still got the issue with that too.

I use Driversweeper to remove my drivers I un-install via programs and ATi install manager I then wait for the screen to go to a lower resolution and the un install is finished I then run driver sweeper and remove all ATi display and then find the folder its installed it C:Local Disc AMD if its there I delete it and reboot. I then install my newer or this case older driver to be honest I was looking into nVidia but there GTX6xx series was out of my price range
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this is why you buy Nvidia Graphics, ATI has and always will be TRASH!
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I have an integrated AMD Radeon HD 6530. It runs the game on max settings with no lag or freezes.
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3870 here as well. Pixelation was so bad couldn't see my char or monsters at times.

Tried 12.4a update, no good
Tried uninstalling all ATI software from control panel and running what Windows loaded, no good
Finally saw the earlier suggestion to uninstall my card from device manager, selecting to uninstall drivers as well, rebooted. Then installed 12.3 drivers, rebooted and the game is finally perfectly beautiful. No pixelations anywhere and I'm shocked at the amount of detail I was missing. Played halfway into act 2 before doing this, so missed a lot.
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What about ATI Radeon HD 4200?
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i have ati hd 6670 and i do too experience graphics problems... so far the fix seems working
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do you have a link to download catalyst 12.3? everytime i attempt to find it, its some website that wants to install a bunch of other garbage on my PC. Also what card are you running?

edit: that was for Geekfurious
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I have slight pixelation of lightning but only when my character is in movement. Using a HD 7850 and CCC 12.4 what should I do?
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I fixed it on my comp just now http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5150106973?page=1#0
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12.3 and all other older ATI drivers here,

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12.3 gave me a BSOD btw. so it doesnt work for everyone
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nothing solve the pixels on source of light on my HD3870 :(
try all uninstall, driver sweeper, uninstall by device manager, catalyst 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.4a always pixels on lights :(
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so true. Nvidia always delivers.
ATI *usually* works.
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