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ATI 12.4 Catalyst – Graphic Issues *Update*

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It should be about time for a more reliable "ATI Catalyst 12.5" update ... FYI, the hotfix does not apply to Notebook graphics (Mobility Radeon HD series), only Radeon HD series ... Currently, after uninstalling 12.4, I'm using an old driver that works perfectly.
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So is there anymore information on this? because the hotfix for this issue does not work. I had to downgrade to the previous driver.
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when will 12.5 be out?
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i have a 5850 and it doesnt seem to work... i can only play with execptional lag on the lowest settings possible
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thanx bro it helped
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I use a 6870 and while I'm not experiencing these artifacts, I'm unable to force settings using the CCC. Will the hotifx allow me to do this?
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omg, if this helps me get bluescreen away i be thrilled. Just died on lvl 58 by bluescreen :/
Ty for easy fix!
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I have an ATI Radeon HD 5850 with ATI 12.4 Catalyst and I have issues with the Diablo 3.

The effect is streaking lines that start at the centre of the screen and radiate outwards. Sometimes the screen became all black, Yellow or orange. This is in game and in cinematics during action scenes.

Is there a fix or a hot fix?
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Guys, I had the same problem as you in the past 24 hours. ATI 12.4a hotfix initially did not work(grey screen and stuff). But then I've uninstaled all video card drivers and catalyst control center. EVERYTHING! Then I've just installed ATI 12.4a hotfix from here http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalyst124ahotfix.aspx and it works like a charm:)

Hope this will help! Have fun guys!

This worked for me. Thanks for the heads up. D3 considered the driver out of date after this and asked if I wanted to update. I clicked No, went into game, and it worked fine in Full Screen and was 100X better. Thanks again.
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Weird i have a 6770 and artifacting happend to me with the new update. Reverted back to 12.3.
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I see occasional artifacts on my GeForce 220 as well, though they are very rare. Of course, I haven't updated graphics drivers in a long time, so that might solve it. Just thought I'd mention that this isn't confined to ATI.
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I've got a Radeon HD 6790 and it was doing pretty bad for a while, but i did a clean install of the 12.3 drivers, going back from 12.4 and it worked like a charm, much much better on 12.3, 12.4 is just crap. Still waiting for 12.5 or some kind of update. Almost regret switching to AMD, but I heard so many good things about it I decided to go with them this time, now I miss Nvidia, at least Nvidia had updates constantly rolling out especially for new game releases.
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i have a problem my processor is AMD A83870k but my fps is only 20 below. is it normal?
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my 4350 was apperently affected by the 12.4 update because i had some bad tearing issues with visuals thanks for clearing my problem currently redownloading diablo 3 and keeping my catalyst at 12.3 thanks blizzard .basically i need my HP pavillion to hold me until the end of july so i can save up enough to buy a alienware aurora should have it by the end of july im aware my current graphics card is on it last legs.
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Using a Radeon 2900 XT...

-Updated to Catalyst 12.4 and got the artifacts.
-Installed Hotfix 12.4b and it didn't resolve the issue.
-System restore, prior to 12.4 install - the artifacts are still there.

Game ran fine earlier today immediately prior to 12.4 install. Any ideas?
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Wish AMD could do the same with my brain. I'm having a problem playing this game, too!
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I spent the whole last week my last Christmas vacation looking for a fix for my AMD graphics card to play SWTOR properly. Finally found some stupid download on some informal site that worked some voodoo programming magic and made it work. I tried complaining but everyone at AMD suggested updating. AMD's auto update feature failed no matter what I did. After hours of restoring and retrying I finally managed to manually update my Catalyst Control Center, only to realize that this somehow rid of the voodoo magic fix and SWTOR did not work once again. It seems that when I update Catalyst Control center, it disables my ability to access the graphics card options and the dual-graphics card choosing UI. Finally I found a tutorial on how to permanently make my dedicated AMD graphics card the all time card by disabling dynamic graphics. Catalyst Control center auto updated sometime after I restarted my computer sometime ago and I have just given up on trying to restore my ability to manage the options and use dual-graphics again. Never buying anything with AMD/ATI/Radeon/whatever the !@#$ they are called on it again.
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I use Notebook ATI HD4300 & 12.4 version, the image would be broken.
but after download 12.4a version, it seems work now.

un-install old version first, and install 12.4a.
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