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ATI 12.4 Catalyst – Graphic Issues *Update*

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My visual atrifacts seems quite different. I get a pixelated effect around anything that glows for example lamp posts in Tristram.

I tried several version of the driver this morning but not the hotfix. I'll give it a try when I get home and post an update. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

I have an ATI 3870.
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Yep, the same issue and the most recomended solution is roll back to 12.3 catalyst driver
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Guys, I had the same problem as you in the past 24 hours. ATI 12.4a hotfix initially did not work(grey screen and stuff). But then I've uninstaled all video card drivers and catalyst control center. EVERYTHING! Then I've just installed ATI 12.4a hotfix from here http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalyst124ahotfix.aspx and it works like a charm:)

Hope this will help! Have fun guys!

Same thing here i posted earlier in this thread about the graphic issues and then i desinstalled the amd catalyst center from my comp and i didnt even reinstalled the 12.4a hotfix and it works perfectly.
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i have ati 5670 what can i do ? will exit a new fix for series 5000 or 6000 or the others??
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I have a Macbook Pro 2011 (6750M i think)
No report of any glitch with 12.4 driver.
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sigh how many years before ATI releases optimized drivers for D3?
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Thanks for this, I was wondering why the game was doing that. Thought my video card was messed up or something!
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Awesome to know saw the tweet about ATI graphics issues hadn't experienced any as of yet, but was still worried. Now i can breath a sigh of relief
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Opposite is true for me. In reality it depends on the game, both companies have !@#$ drivers and issues. I had endless problems with Nvidia because the games that i played were not really supported as well as others.

Anyone who tells you that one is better than the other is wrong, just get the best price to performance ratio you can afford, be it green or red.
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Gys ths drver updte fix my connxtion ises. Plz instl drvr to updte use overclock n SLI ATI no hav it usze crosshair to put tgther vido cardz.
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hnstly thefck u syin homi

if yu want th bst reultts make sure you fuk drivrrss
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WTF! So my video card: Mobile Intel (R) 4 series express chipset family or my OS: Windows vista service pack 2 is the reason I just blew $60. Thanks for nothing Blizzard. Diablo truly is hell. Hell because you realize how much money you lost on nothing more than a cool looking cardboard box that opens.
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I had the 12.3 version with 3600 HD until I attempted to play this morning only to meet the grey pixilated fog all of the entire screen. I updated to the 12.4a driver , which supposedly was supposed to make my dreams come true, but it had the same affect when I played the game. I have all the settings turned either off or on low and still unable to play. Wow still works great ... but i guess im glad to see other are having this problem at first i thought my card was busted
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My visual atrifacts seems quite different. I get a pixelated effect around anything that glows for example lamp posts in Tristram.

I have the same Problem, with my 2900 XT. No driver version help's. all 12.x (hotfix too) and the latest 11.x version fails all with the same error.

Game isn't playable in Fullscreen at all, and in windowed mode i have the "pixelated effect around anything that glows" effect.

if somebody have idea's or solved the same problem, please send me a message.

greets Niwo
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I haven't read through all 8 pages. But I have the HD3670, and this morning the game was unplayable - very messed up graphics and the screen was just covered in grey.

Though this was FIXED by completely removing my drivers, restarting my computer, checking for latest drivers and then installing this hotfix. (Do this through your Device Manager).

Now I can play with no problems. Just thought I'd post this. As it might help those who have yet to try this yet..

The beta played fine for me, but this morning the game was unplayable as you couldnt see anything, just a mess of pixels. But removing all drivers and starting fresh seemed to resolve the issue.
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So yea same problem as everyone else. AMD/ATI hd 4560. Did what was recommended by those that had my vid-card. install uninstall take out catalyst center remove all drivers but i still get nothing. i get a perfect picture Of the login screen. But only 1/4 of it. it sits on the upper left corner of my monitor. The 12.4 hot fix goes in except keeps telling me driver installation failed. Any ideas?
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we have detected that your video card is not supported by diablo 3
Operating system: Windows 7 Service pack 1
Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

anyone help me idk why its not working give me any answers u have thx
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OK, so, AMD had a fix for your game in 36 hours???


Man, how sweet it must be to be taken that seriously by major industry players?
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Glad to see ATI is working closely with you guys. They have really been on top of putting out improved drivers on a regular and frequent basis.
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