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Help me out with this build

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Ok so after many builds, and a lot of reading in the forums i came out with this build wich im not totaly sure will do good (Btw, forgive my english im not a native speaker):


So first of all, its for solo play, maybe i will join one or two freinds but i dont belive taht will happen in a regular basis. That been stated let me explain the idea behind the build:

1- Poison Dart/Splinters: Its there as my single target, spamm, main atack ability, it helps proc fetish psycopaths and it tirggers bad medicine.

2- Locust Swarm/Pestilence: I plan to use this one with Soul Harvest, and GoD as and opening on fights, its a nice AoE dot with a good duration and fire and forget wich also helps with bad medicine. even as it trigger psycopaths i dont expect it helps with it becouse i dont plan on spamming it. The rune its to help spread the Bad medicine debuff faster.

3- Grasp of the Dead/Groping Eels: For control, slow, and a litle bit of physical DoT, it pairs really well with Soul Harvet and Locust Swarm.

4- Soul Harvest/Languish: Not much to say and extremly usefull build, specially for leveling. the run its for keeping it up for the longest time posible.

5- Confussion/Devolution: I like the ZD, they pair well with my passives (JUngle fortitude and Bad Medicine) but it seems like a waste of a skill when you can get them from other sourcess like confussion and BBV. I prefer to get the dogs from confussion and have the skill as and "O !@#$" Bck.

6-Gargantuan/Big Stinger: Since GoD and COnfussion are near worthless for bosses, im hoping the gargantuan with jungle fortitude and bad medicine can hold himself and tank the boss for me with the help of the templar and the other ocasional pets messing around (Fetishs triggered with posion dart and the ZDs i take with me before the encounter)

The idea of the passives its to make me and my pets stronger, so they can take a lot more punishment while i dot everything and pick up important targets with poison dart.. THe fetishs psychoes are more there becouse they make a good synergy with poison dart and they can reap the benefits of the rest of the build (Jungle fortitud-bad medicine).

Ok any help or inputs are greatly apreciated
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very similar to my build but im using horrify other then mass confusion...
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i was hoping that the physical damage of the GoD and the pets would help me with poison resistant mobs (Blues have stated that there is not going to be poison inmunes), but you are right, a bunch of champions mobs with 75% poison resist will pretty much shred upon me and my pets.

IN the spiders aspect im afraid of 2 things: the slow, im not sure it will trigger when i need it, and im not sure it will affect bosses And second my expirience with spiders its they do much less damage than poison dart, wich will make me kind of weak in the single target fights.

maybe something like this will help to target over the mobs and the survival/escape aspect (But im not sure Spirit Barrage is spamable enough):

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