So after reading the Sin War trilogy, we know that necromancers are students of the magic taught to Mendeln by Rathma and Trag'Oul. Trag'Oul is a dragon and guardian of the "balance" and taught Rathma (son of Lilith and Inarius) the fundamentals of what would become necromancy. At the conclusion of the Sin War trilogy, Mendeln is the only human left with the memory of the events that had transpired and travels into seclusion with Rathma to continue to learn and to await students who he would teach.

As far as I know, this is the origin of the the magic that involves communicating with spirits and reanimating the dead. Additionally, the necromancers, as students of Trag'Oul's teachings, strive to preserver the "balance" in Sanctuary.

So now we have the witch doctors. They also are tasked with preserving the balance between Sanctuary and the "unformed land." They communicate with spirits and reanimate the dead.

Is there any link between the first witch doctors and necromancers? Other than the proximity between where witch doctors reside and where necromancers reside (in the same jungle?), is there direct contact between them? My assumption would be that the source of the witch doctor's power is the same as the necromancer's: Trag'Oul. I would also assume that necromancers existed first... so did a rogue necromancer teach the tribes how to commune with spirits? Did Rathma or Mendeln reach out to the tribes to teach them or was the knowledge stolen and then altered to take the form practiced by the witch doctors? Am I just missing some obvious piece of existing lore?

Thanks for the help!
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